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   Chapter 397 I Only Flirt With You

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Moving on... What would happen if he continued?

She shook her head awkwardly. When she was about to say something, he leaned over, pressed her head and pressed it against her lips. "Lola, I seem to need more after last night."

She pursed her lips and breathed more quickly. She said nervously, "Stop it..."

"Don't worry. I won't finally do it. But I want to... " He drew her lips and grabbed her fragrance. He could not let go of her body at all.


He pressed her under his body and gently held her in his arms. He didn't dare to push her too hard, let alone press her too hard.

She tried her best to relax herself. Although she knew that she shouldn't continue and it might cause trouble, she couldn't resist his overbearing.

She knew that he would not do anything to hurt her.

After a long time, the two of them finally let go of each other. Looking at the dizzy Lola, Jacob gasped and said, "Why don't you breathe?"

"I... I am stunned! You said you wouldn't touch me! But what was your hand doing? " She pouted her lips and complained, "Don't you think that I know nothing. I know everything. You almost... "

Embarrassed, Jacob took a deep breath and said, "I... Didn't I stop in time? "

"Nonsense! I pushed you away with all my strength! If I haven't pushed you away, you would have... Can't believe a man's words! " She shook her head and sighed.

His face turned red.

"I'm just a little excited. I don't really want to do anything. Besides, my litter general is still outside. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. " Said Jacob seriously.

Lola pouted, "What do you know? You wrinkled my clothes, and my hair was just done. Do you know how much the hairdresser spent on it? How about you! You ruined it in an instant. "

She held her messy hair and complained with a frown.

Jacob had to keep apologizing and hugged her. "It's my fault. Call the hairdresser to help you fix

ed around and got in the car, waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Zheng.

Mr. and Mrs. Zheng got in the car soon and kept talking.

"Honey, our daughter is so filial. Ask her to drive this disobedient employee away immediately. That girl is so annoying!"

"Yes, I will tell Lola later!"

Anna's face was gloomy, but she was muttering in her heart, 'Let's see who will be driven away by Lola!

Just wait and see!'

The so-called Mr. and Mrs. Zheng would suffer sooner or later!

Soon they arrived at the party. It was a five star hotel. The car was parked in the underground garage. Mr. and Mrs. Zheng got out of the car.

"Where am I! Why do you take us here! Tell me! " Mrs. Zheng complained.

"Mrs. Zheng, Lola asked me to bring you here! As for what surprise she is going to give you, I don't know. Maybe you will know when you go upstairs. I think you don't need to ask me about anything else. You will know when you see Lola. "

After saying that, Anna walked straight to the elevator, waited for Mr. and Mrs. Zheng. "Aren't you leaving yet?"

Mr. and Mrs. Zheng looked at each other and felt something was wrong. But they wondered if there was really a surprise?

Maybe Lola would give them a big gift!

The two of them quickened their pace with expectations.

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