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   Chapter 396 An Inappropriate Call

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Lola felt that Anna really betrayed her.

She wouldn't leave until she saw Lola get in the car sent by Jacob.

Lola muttered to herself. Sooner or later, her friends would be bribed by Jacob.

Thinking of this, Lola touched her belly sadly and thought, 'Baby, you're the only one by my side now.'

"What's your name?" Lola asked the driver.

"My ladyship, my name is Axel Yi. You have seen me before. After Barry was sent away, Mr. Jacob asked me to come here."

Surprised, Lola asked, "Isn't Barry in the company now?"

"Yes. He has an extra task."

Hearing this, Lola smiled. Because she knew what the extra task was.

"Where is Jacob? Where is he now?"

"You'll know in a minute," Axel Yi said mysteriously.

Lola frowned and looked ahead in confusion, not knowing where to drive.

With his eyes fixed on the front, Axel soon arrived at a place. He looked back at Lola, "Madam, here we are."

Lola got out of the car doubtfully and walked into a shop in front of her.

Sitting on the sofa by the window, Jacob heard a sound and looked up. "Honey, you're here."

Then he put down the magazine and walked straight to Lola, holding her in his arms.

Lola was held in his arms and asked in surprise, "What are you doing?"

"I... You... You are pregnant now. I'm afraid that you might walk carelessly, so I'll help you." Jacob looked carefully at the situation under his feet and around him, and was even worried that someone would suddenly come from somewhere else and bump into Lola...

For the whole morning, he was absent-minded about the company's affairs, and all he thought about was Lola.

'Does she see Mr. and Mrs. Zheng?'

'Will she fall down when she walks?'

'What if someone bumps into her all of a sudden?'

Every time he thought of it, he felt flustered and uneasy. He couldn't focus on his work if he couldn't see her, so he made up his mind to deal with everything as soon as possible...

So Jacob came to Lola and wanted to be with her all the time.

Only when she was within his sight could he

not to hear it. He continued to kiss her affectionately, completely forgetting himself and surrounding her.

Frowning slightly, Lola listened to the constant ringtone of the mobile phone and gasped, "The phone... Jacob... It's a call..."

Their lips and teeth were intertwined. He couldn't hear any other sound at all.

Lola's heartbeat was also very fast, but she had to lean against his chest. She felt that Jacob's big hand began to warm her whole body. "Jacob!"

In a trance, Jacob came to his mind. He suddenly stood up and gasped, "What? It's a call!"

Lola licked her lips and her chest heaved up and down. "Yes! It's over there. Go and answer it!"

Embarrassed, Jacob turned around and answered the phone. It was from Barry.

"BOSS, everything is fine with Lily. I'm following her! Don't worry. She hasn't found out yet," said Barry proudly.

However, Jacob said in a gloomy and cold tone, "Damn it! Who told you to call at this time?"

"Uh... Didn't you ask me to report to you on time?" Barry asked in bewilderment.

"Barry, don't show up in front of me recently!" After saying that, Jacob hung up coldly and even blacklisted the number of Barry.

Sitting on the other side of the sofa, Lola looked at Jacob's dark face and smiled faintly.

Jacob suddenly turned his head and said, "Let's continue."

Hearing this, Lola was stunned.

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