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   Chapter 395 The Order From Mr. Jacob

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When Lola got dressed and walked out, Paul was already waiting for her.

"I need to go to the airport."

Without saying anything, Paul got into the car and drove away.

However, Lola noticed that they were not heading to the airport. She frowned in confusion and said, "Paul, the direction is the opposite!"

"Madam, let's go to the hotel directly."

"What?" Lola leaned forward in surprise. "What happened?"

"Mr. Jacob has sent someone to pick them up. He asked us to meet directly in the hotel."

"He has already sent someone there?"

"Yes. The person's name was Anna. It must be your people, right?"

Lola nodded and suddenly realized that it must be because Jacob didn't want her to work too hard.

'Humph, he is really domineering.'

'But I like.'

Lola liked Jacob's careful arrangement.

She smiled faintly, stroked her belly and looked out of the window. Her heart was full of happiness.

In the VIP room of the hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Zheng had arrived.

"My dear daughter! I finally see you. I miss you so much!" Mrs. Zheng held Lola's hand tightly and said worriedly.

"Don't worry. Let's sit down first."

Lola sat down calmly, not as happy as they expected, which immediately aroused the suspicion of Mr. and Mrs. Zheng.

"Lola, what's wrong with you? Are you unhappy?"

Surprised, Lola shook her head with a guilty conscience. "How could it be? Of course I'm happy that you're here. I'm just worried about you. Mom, you can't be too emotional. Please sit down and drink some water first. Anna, bring me some hot water."

Anna answered and left, while Paul stood still.

Mr. Zheng asked in confusion, "Who is this?"

"This is my bodyguard."

"What? bodyguard? Why do you come here with bodyguards? Will we hurt you? You have a bodyguard with you..." Mr. Zheng was slightly dissatisfied.

Lola muttered to herself, 'Of course, I am on guard against you!'

But she said with a smile, "Somethin


"Why is it his order again? What else did he say?" Lola pouted with dissatisfaction. Anna used to be hers, but now she had listened to Jacob.

"Mr. Jacob also said that if you send Paul away, I should call him. He will send someone else to protect you. Now the new bodyguard is on the way."

With her eyes wide open, Lola asked, "Anna, who on earth paid you?"

"Miss. Lola, you have been neglecting the studio for a long time. Now it's Mr. Jacob who pays us..." Anna kindly reminded her, but Lola's face turned pale.

"Well, you are so greedy for money that you don't even recognize your boss, right? I was going to give you a pay rise. Now it seems that you're happy to be Jacob's employees, right?"

Anna lowered her eyes and shrugged helplessly. "Miss. Lola, you don't know yet, do you? Mr. Jacob has already given us a pay rise for our hard work..."


"Well... I think it's getting late. Don't argue about it anymore. You just wait here. I... I'll go out to have a look..." Lola ran away awkwardly.

"Miss. Lola, the new bodyguard will be here soon. You can't leave alone." Anna threw up her hands and was about to say something, but Lola interrupted her immediately, "Okay, I see. It's Mr. Jacob's order again, right?! I won't leave until his people arrive."

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