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   Chapter 394 I Love You More

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Jacob looked at Lola deeply and fiddled with her hair. "Of course I know. Why do you ask such a question?! Lola, are you stupid? I know what happened that night! Don't you remember?"

Hearing this, Lola shook her head dully, "I... I didn't forget... I just thought you are... still angry..."

"Do you remember that Jane went to see you the second day?"

"Yes, I met Jane..."

Jacob held Lola in his arms and said gently, "the baby was conceived on that day... I know it! Lola."

"You really know everything... You... You aren't angry anymore?"

Jacob asked in confusion, "What am I angry about? Why am I angry? Now you are finally pregnant. No matter what the process is, we finally have a child! You can be a mother, and I can be a father! Let bygones be bygones. Stop thinking about it."

"Can I really stop thinking about it?" Lola looked at Jacob with tears in her eyes. She was moved, guilty and indescribable.

She felt that she didn't deserve his deep love!

Lola thought Jacob would accept the child for her sake. 'Is it because he knows that I might not be able to get pregnant again, so no matter who is the father of the child, he will treat it as his own?'

He knew that Lola was with Murphy that night. He knew it was just an accident, so would he forgive her?

"Jacob, why are you so kind?" Lola lay on Jacob's chest, tears streaming down.

Tears wetted his pajamas on his chest, making him feel cold.

Jacob patted Lola gently, as if coaxing a baby, "Well, why do you become a cry baby? Do you become a child?"

Lola hugged Jacob tightly and said with great strength, "I will always be Louisa in front of you."

She raised her head and looked at him with her hazy eyes. "Jacob, you don't know how happy I am with you. I want to marry you since I was a child. I want to have many children. They can run around the Gu Family... In that case, our house is so lively! But things went contrary to my wishes. So many

into the net! The party will be held in the evening. Lola, it's about to end!"

Jacob held Lola's hand tightly and gave her strength continuously.

She nodded heavily, took a deep breath and answered the phone.

"They've arrived. I'll settle them down and deal with them until night. I'll take Paul with me. Don't worry about me!" Lola said as she put on her clothes.

Jacob came to Lola's back and hugged her from behind. Looking at the two intimate people in the mirror, he said, "Lola, I'm not relieved even if it's Paul. I have informed Anna and asked her to come with you. With Anna and Paul, you should be safe. Remember, be careful no matter what happens. I don't care about their plot, but you can't let anything happen to yourself. And the baby in your belly. Don't forget that he is still so young."

Lola nodded obediently and said, "Okay, I promise you that I won't let anything happen to myself and make you worry."

She turned around and held his face. "Go and get ready."

"I really want to be with you all the time..."

Hearing this, Lola smiled and leaned against his chest shyly. "I also want to put you in my bag and follow me! Then I won't miss you anymore."

"Lola, I have always been following you in your heart."

"Jacob, my heart will always be with you."

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