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   Chapter 392 Thank You For Loving Me

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Hearing this name, Lola suddenly stood up and walked in stiffly.

Every step was like walking on a needle tip.

The pain paralyzed her whole body.

During the operation, the nurse looked at Lola and smiled, "The operation is about to begin. Are you ready?"

Lola said in a trembling voice, "I'm... I'm ready."

"Miss, I have to explain to you first. I'm afraid that after the abortion, your chance of pregnancy..."

"That's enough. Don't say anything more. I know it. The chance of pregnancy is 1/10000, right? A long time ago, I knew that it was difficult for me to get pregnant, but I seize 1/10000 of the chance now. However, I have no choice but to give up this baby... Tell me, can I seize this chance next time?"

With tears all over her face, Lola closed her eyes in pain.

"Next time, it might be 1/100000 of the chance... After all, the abortion has a great impact on your health..."

Lola's eyes widened in shock. "1/100000? That means there is no possibility for me to be pregnant anymore? I can't be a mother anymore, can I?"

"Miss, please calm down. It's hard to say. There is no absolute..."

Lola sat on the operating bed weakly and looked at the operating tools around her. She shook her head and said, "But I can't keep him. I can't keep him! I can't give birth to him..."

Lola's face was covered with tears, and even the doctors and nurses around her were infected and sad.

It was not easy for people in the world. Everyone had unspeakable difficulties.

When Lola was struggling in pain, her phone rang. The doctor and nurse looked at the phone and said, "Miss, please answer the phone first. It should be powered off during the operation."

Lola picked up her phone and found it was from her grandmother.

"Lola, are you busy these days? Why didn't you come back home? I have prepared dinner today. Come with Jacob today."

A few hours later, Lola sat on a bench in the park, staring blankly with a pale face.

There were many people in the park, and th

hought that maybe Lola wanted to surprise him when she was sure about it...

This was the reason Jacob found for Lola.

"Jacob, I can't give up this child! Even though I know it's very difficult and troublesome, I don't dare to gamble. I want to be a mother and want a child! I'm sorry... I..."

With his hands trembling imperceptibly, Jacob said, "Silly Lola, why did you say sorry? What's wrong with you?! It is a good thing to have a baby! I know you are worried a lot, but you have to believe that I will always be there for you! I love you, and I love this child more!"

Lola's vision gradually blurred. She threw herself into Jacob's arms and sobbed, "I love you too... Jacob... I love you so much! I really want to give up this child for you, really! But at the last minute, I was still a coward... Please forgive me..."

Lola's voice was vague and her words were broken.

The more Jacob heard, the more confused he became. 'What on earth was she talking about?'

'Is she suffering from pregnancy depression?'

'She has just been pregnant, but now she is suspicious and uneasy?'

"Lola, I'm very happy. We finally have a child! Do you know how long I've been waiting? I will take good care of you and our daughter! You are the treasure in my hand! I love you more than I love myself!"

"Jacob! Thank you for loving me!"

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