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   Chapter 390 All Lies

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Lola wrapped her arms around Jacob's waist, with tears all over her face.

Jacob patted her on the back and comforted her, "What's wrong? What are you talking about, Lola? Why did you say something I don't understand? Is there anything on your mind?"

"Jacob... If only it were you that day. Everything would be fine, but why... Why do you do this to me? What should I do? I just want to love you and be with you!"

Lola grabbed Jacob's body with all her strength.

With his brows knitted tightly, a kind of unspeakable uneasiness arose in Jacob's heart.

He wondered what happened to her.

"If you don't want to tell me, I won't force you! But I have to tell you that I will always be with you. The person beside you is always me!"

Lola hugged Jacob for too long, and her hands began to numb. And then Jacob held horizontally her and walked to the bed.

He put her on the bed like a treasure, lay beside her, stroked her hair, and gently looked at her face. "Don't cry. If you keep crying, you will really become a kitten."

Lola looked at Jacob intently with a sad expression. "Will you always be with me?"

"You are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. What are you thinking about? Can you think of something positive? Honey, don't think about it anymore. It's late now. We should go to sleep."

After turning off the light, it was dark.

"Jacob, turn on the salt lamp at the bedside. I'm afraid of darkness." Lola murmured and held Jacob's arm tightly.

"Crack!" Jacob opened it and hugged Lola tightly.

"Why are you afraid of darkness all of a sudden?"

"Nothing. It's just too dark. I like this lamp."

Lola smiled gently, got close to Jacob's heart and listened silently.

The strong heartbeat made Lola feel at ease.

'Why wasn't that you?'

'It can also be yours, right?'

Thinking of this, Lola remembered that when Jacob heard that she was pregnant, the expression on his face obviously thought tha

d he said, "It seems that I have neglected something, so you are jealous and angry?"

Murphy pulled Kate in his arms and said with a smile, "Otherwise, I won't do anything. I'd better stay with you! But I want to make you and Florence happy, so I have to work hard outside... Otherwise, I really feel that I'm a loser. Do you understand?"

Being held by Murphy, Kate felt a strong smell of alcohol. She frowned and said, "I'd rather you are a loser, so that you can stay with me forever and never leave."

Upon hearing this, Murphy was stunned. He knew that Kate was so cruel that she didn't want to give him any space!

But at the same time, he was sure that Kate would forgive him no matter what he did.

"Do you really think so? Do you really want me to be a useless rubbish? Kate, don't lie to yourself. If I really have nothing, how can I make you happy?! I know you don't lack money, but my self-esteem doesn't allow me to live off a woman, and I don't want to rely on you all! Trust me. After my hard work, I will make you happy!"


That are all lies!'

Thinking of this, Kate sneered, "But I don't need you to do that. I don't lack money, and I only need people to accompany me! I just want you to know that I won't allow you to leave me, or I will do anything to kill you."

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