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   Chapter 359 You Can Refuse Me

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"You are too arrogant. How do you know that I won't change my mind?" Lola said provocatively, "What's more, love is changeable. Maybe you will really love Jewel at some time. If it happens, please inform me in time. I will make way for her!"

"Lola!" Jacob pressed her tightly under his body, and his breath was full of domineering atmosphere. "This position is up to me, not you! If someone else wants to come up and sit down, I'll kick her down! Do you want to try?"

Lola burst into laughter, and her face was red. "Don't you kick me?"

"I only love you. How could I kick you?" With an evil smile, Jacob got close to Lola and made her tremble.


"The more you resist, the more I want..." Jacob whispered in her ear in a low and sexy voice. Lola seemed to be stiff all over. She bit her lips slightly and looked confused.

"If you don't want it, you can refuse me. But I don't want you to refuse, Lola..." Jacob bent over and kissed Lola on the forehead...

Lola felt that his kiss was as soft as the spring breeze.

Her heart trembled.

She couldn't say anything to refuse.

In the face of her beloved man, Lola could only indulge and like him, and even her heart was shouting excitement and tension.

Jacob kissed Lola bit by bit from the eyebrows to the tip of his nose to the mouth, as if he was kissing a precious treasure, cautious and gentle.

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Jacob watched her close her eyes gently and smiled.

The faint kiss instantly turned into a strong and crazy kiss, swallowing her up and immersing her in the storm Jacob gave her.

After a night, when Lola opened her eyes, she saw a smiling face looking at her.

All of a sudden, her heart beat fast.

"Are you awake?" Jacob stroked her head with his big hand and smiled dotingly. "It's so good to see you as soon as I open my eyes. Even the bed is warm..."

Pursing her lips, Lola blinked at Jacob and smiled helplessly. "Do you think I'm a bed warmer?"

Hearing this, Jacob reached out a finger and hooked her chin. "Little

hey even spread fake news to frame the Zheng family. Now your mother has fallen ill, and your father has been exhausted in two places and almost had a car accident! The Gu family even made use of you to negotiate conditions with them. They said that as long as the Zheng family hand over their property, they would let you go and divorce you. Otherwise, they would tie you up with the Gu family forever!"

The more Murphy spoke, the more agitated he seemed to be. His tone was full of dissatisfaction and anger. "Can't you see clearly their hypocrisy? I think you should leave today. I will arrange everything for you. You leave this time and never come back!"

Lola and Jacob looked at each other coldly.

And then Lola pushed Jacob on purpose to see how he would react, but he shook his head and stared at her, indicating that she could do whatever she wanted.

"Okay, I promise you! We're leaving today! Murphy." Raising her eyebrows proudly, Lola said very seriously, "Will you leave with me?"

Murphy was surprised to hear that. He asked in surprise, "Do you really want me to go with you? Lola, is that true?"

Lola said firmly, "Yes, didn't you say that you would go with me? Then let's leave this breathless place together! Will you?"

"I do!"

"Will you really give up everything for me?"

"Of course."

Frowning, Lola sneered disdainfully.

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