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   Chapter 261 I Have A Strong Backer

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"I'm not here to verify anything. Because I have known the truth. You don't need to defend yourself. I just want to ask you something. I'm sincere to you and I've never been hypocritical. I'm grateful for your care, but I didn't expect that you would hurt me and do such a thing behind my back. I just want to know why. "

In the second floor of a quiet cafe, Lola said slowly, stirring the coffee.

"I don't know what you are talking about..." Celia said with a frown.

"Of course you know what I'm talking about. I have found the waitress you asked for help that day. It turns out that she is just a witness you found. She is not a hotel attendant at all! "

Lola suddenly raised her voice and snapped.

The corners of Celia's mouth twitched, and her face was stiff. With a pale face, she said, "That might be..."

"Celia, don't argue anymore. It's useless. Now that I'm here for you, I've confirmed the truth. I really want to know why you hate me so much. Did you do that just for a role? I don't think so. "

She frowned deeply and said.

With a cold smile on her face, Celia said, "For a role, of course not. But it's just the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Of course, that's not the most hateful thing you did. "

Lola frowned and shook her head in confusion. "What are you talking about? Except for the role, I don't know how I have offended you. "

"Of course you don't know. Because you don't know what I care about the most. " Celia looked at Lola coldly. After Celia took off her mask, there was no need for her to pretend anymore.

Lola was even more confused, having no idea what Celia was talking about.

"Oh, what is that? Have I touched your bottom line? "

Celia nodded slightly and said angrily, "Yes. Because of a man, he belongs to me, but you want to take him away from me! "

Lola shook her head in astonishment. "Who..." Suddenly, she thought of something and widened her eyes. "You mean Ivan?"

Celia nodded with a sneer and took a deep breath, "Yes, it's him! He is the most important person to me, but

e to you, it will prove that you are very weak, won't it? I thought you didn't want me to do this. I thought you wanted to compete with me fairly... I never let Jacob get involved in it, nor did I use the reputation of the Gu consortium to do anything. What I get is what I deserve! "

She said to Celia seriously and gently.

Celia couldn't help laughing and said coldly, "Compete with you fairly? I'm just an ordinary person. How can I compare with you, a rich lady? When others know that you are the young mistress of the Gu consortium, they naturally want to curry favor with you. How can they be willing to offend you? If they really don't give you the role, they must have offended the Gu consortium! So you can get everything you want! How dare you say fairness to me! "

Gritting her lips tightly, Lola clenched her fists and took a deep breath. "Yes, but even so, now Leon has changed my role, hasn't he? Now you have succeeded. You have become the heroine! But let me tell you, don't be complacent too early. It's not a good thing! "

Celia frowned in confusion, "What do you mean..."

"Haven't you seen the news of the Chen Group? Don't worry. It's just the beginning. I don't have to deal with those who want to hurt me by myself. I have a strong backer... By the way, I seem to have forgotten to tell you that he hates the person who hurts me most... "

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