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   Chapter 253 Danger In The Hotel Room

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6505

Updated: 2020-07-17 00:02

She heard Celia's voice for help on the phone and rushed upstairs, but she didn't know which room it was!

"Celia? Where are you? " She shouted in a low voice, and didn't dare to look for her in a big way.

After all, she didn't know what happened to Celia, and her phone couldn't get through now.

What should she do?

When she was at a loss, the door of a room opened and she was suddenly pulled in by the man inside!

She screamed, but no one noticed it.

Before Lola could react, she was pressed against the wall, and the man said wickedly, "Look at you, finally came."

The man in front of her was...Mr. Chen?

The power holder of the Chen Group, the so-called Jessica's uncle?

She struggled desperately and looked at him fiercely. "What are you doing? Mr. Chen, let go of me! Don't touch me! "

"Let you go? How can I let you go so easily? Just now, I have noticed that you deliberately winked at me and seduced me, then asked me to check in at this hotel. I didn't expect you to be such wild! "

Mr. Chen reached out his dirty hand and touched her face. She felt sick!

"Bah! Don't touch me. I have no idea what you are talking about! "

"Wow, you are so fickle? You were not like this when you seduced me... " Mr. Chen narrowed his eyes and pressed her hand evilly. "Do you play chastity with me here?"

"Bastard, get your dirty hands off me!" shouted Lola fiercely.


Mr. Chen sneered, "If I'm a Bastard... Then you are a slut. Stop playing double-dealing in front of me! Since you have filmed my play, you should have given yourself to me a long time ago! "

Shocked, Lola shook her head and blushed. "What are you talking about? Let go of me! Did you get the wrong person? "

"The wrong person? Aren't you Lola, the famous actress? Also Jacob's wife? " Mr. Chen smiled evilly and looked at her face and body lewdly. "I haven't played with other's wife before? I don't know how it feels... "

hen's mouth bleeding.

Lola stood up and gritted her teeth, "Leon, make it clear. What the hell is going on? Why did you do this to me? When did you see that I seduced you? "

Leon Chen was a little surprised and stunned. "Didn't you send me a message to ask me to wait for you in the room? Is there anyone pretending to be you? "

"What? Someone... Who is it? "

Ryan stood up and pointed at Leon Chen, "You'd better tell everything you know, or I will beat you to death."

"I don't know anything. I thought you threw yourself to me! Wait a minute, do you guys set me up? Don't try to blackmail me? I won't be fooled by you! " After saying that, Leon Chen immediately took his clothes and ran away in dejection.

Ryan shook his hands and didn't go after him.

Leaning against the wall, Lola shook her head with a pale face. "How could this be?"

Ryan immediately took a bath towel and covered her with it. He asked worriedly, "Why did you come upstairs? Fortunately, I saw you come here but didn't go back, then I heard your voice when passing by here. Otherwise, I can't imagine what would happen."

Lola shuddered at the thought of what happened with Danny. But what about this time?

"I... It was Celia. She said she needed help... By the way, where is she? Where is she? "

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