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   Chapter 251 The Secret Of The Threesome

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However, Jacob also went to the apartment at midnight.

When he arrived, the room was very quiet. The dim yellow salt crystal lamp was on, and he couldn't help smiling.

In the bedroom, the little woman had fallen asleep. She must be really tired after a hard day's work.

After changing his clothes, Jacob lay beside her and hugged her from behind.

"HMM..." The woman groaned and found a comfortable posture to continue to sleep.

Holding the little woman in his arms, Jacob's heart was full of pain, and he could not help but hold her tightly.

"It's my fault. I made you feel wronged."

"I didn't recognize my heart before. It turns out that you have already entered my heart bit by bit. Louisa, from now on, you are not alone. I'll take care of the past for you as well. I only hope that you can be happy in the future. "

The two people who hugged each other tightly slept the whole night.

When Lola woke up on the second day, there was good smell. She sniffed and jumped out of bed.

It was indeed Jacob.

He stood in front of the kitchen and smiled at her. "Wake up? Breakfast is ready."

"No, thanks. I'm going to the crew."

She turned around and entered the bathroom.

"Then you should also have breakfast."

"I can eat in the car. Lily will buy it."

"She won't buy it today." Jacob said slowly, "And the schedule has been postponed. You don't have to hurry."

Lola suddenly walked out and frowned in confusion. "You delayed my schedule?"

Jacob shrugged and said helplessly, "I didn't do that. Lily just informed me."

Lola didn't refuse. She sat at the table and had breakfast in harmony with him.

"Grandma told me last night that Jessica cried bitterly when she left?" She asked while eating.

Jacob smiled, "Of course she cried bitterly. She also knelt down and begged me to forgive her."

Shocked, Lola blinked her eyes and asked, "What? What did you do to scare her like that? Knelt down... Did you

ou'd better not post any video... "

"Don't you ask me how I got the video?"

She frowned and said with disdain, "What else can it be? Men like to make those tricks and even film them to watch! Humph! If this matter escalated in the future, Jessica would be the one to suffer. The two men would be fine! Enough. Stop talking about her. It's over now, I believe you and you did nothing. "

The man nodded with satisfaction and held her little hand. "Okay. It's over. Let's not talk about it anymore. "

Hearing this, Lola breathed a sigh of relief. Only then did she realize how strange their postures were.

She was about to stand up and struggle, but how could he let her go so easily?

"Let me hold you for a while." The man said in a hoarse voice.

With a blush on her face, Lola frowned and said, "I have things to do..."

He felt sorry for her with non-stop work every day. He sighed and whispered in her ear, "This afternoon, I have made an appointment with a doctor. I'll accompany you to see the doctor."

"Doctor?" She cried out in shock and jumped off him.

It could be seen that she could escape from him only if she wanted.

"What doctor? Why should I see a doctor? " Lola glared at him and said angrily.

He slowly stood up and tried to take her hand, but she dodged.

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