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   Chapter 250 Kneel Down And Beg For Mercy

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Frowning, Jessica looked at Fiona and asked in a trembling voice, "What? Why Fiona is the witness? What are you talking about? "

After hesitating for a while, Fiona went downstairs. She raised her head, giving a quick look at Jessica, and took a deep breath before she said, "Jacob, I don't know."

Jane held Fiona hand and said seriously, "Fiona, you don't want your brother to be wronged, do you? Now your brother has been forced to divorce. Do you still want to sit by and do nothing? "

"Fiona! Don't talk nonsense! Don't get involved in the matter between me and Jacob, okay? " Jessica said with her eyes wide open.

Even Catherine ran out and grabbed Fiona's hand, preventing her from speaking.

"Fiona, come to Grandma!" After hearing the words of Mrs. Gu, Fiona walked over quietly and sat beside her. "Grandma, I..."

"What do you know? Just say it. With Grandma backing you up, these people can't do anything to you! Do you remember how Grandma taught you? I know that Fiona is a good girl. "

Fiona seemed to have made up her mind. She took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay! I'll tell what I know. "

Catherine was a little anxious, but she was stopped by Jane. "Aunt Catherine, your position is very embarrassing. It's better for you not to say too much."

Seeing the threatening look on Jane's face, Catherine pursed her lips and said nothing more.

"That day, Jessica went to Lola's room on purpose. When I was chatting with her, she knew that Lola was not there and Jacob went out for a drink, so she ran over there. She told me the second day that nothing happened, but she had to ask Jacob to be responsible for her! I didn't know what to do at that time, so I didn't say anything. But I didn't expect that things had come to this. I feel very guilty. I won't feel good if I don't tell. "

"Shut up, Fiona!" Jessica shouted angrily. She didn't want her efforts to be ruined by Fiona.

"Jessica, stop it. Don't go on like this."

"Fiona is a helper that Jacob found! Your family is bullying me. I


She had never expected that Jacob would find such a flaw in her, and she had to kneel down and beg for mercy.

Jacob smiled with satisfaction. "The news has been spreading online. But I give your one more chance and didn't tag your name on it! But everyone knows that. I believe that Mr. Chen and Mr. Lin will find you soon. Deal with it yourself. You've used up all our friendship. This time, it will teach you a lesson. You know, next time it won't be that easy. "

With tearful eyes, Jessica sobbed, "It won't happen again..."

When the two of them went back from the outside, everyone noticed the tear stains on Jessica's face. But before Claire could ask, Jessica had already pulled her mother and left quickly.

Mrs. Gu was a little confused, "It is solved?"

"Yes. Everything is clear. Jessica is lying. " "You have to be my witness in front of Lola to prove my innocence," said Jacob, looking at Grandma and Jane.

Although Jane was also confused, she couldn't ask Jacob directly now, so she said, "It depends on your performance. Let's see if you dare to get drunk again... "

"Yes, Jane's right! Drinking caused such a big trouble. What if it really happens? "

Jacob walked to Grandma and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, I know I was wrong. I won't get drunk like that anymore."

Then, Mrs. Gu called Lola immediately.

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