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   Chapter 248 You Are Wrong. I Owe Her

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Jacob looked at Jessica viciously, which made Jessica uneasy and pursed her lips.

"Am I wrong?"

"Jessica, I won't believe you." No matter what the truth was, he just wanted to know it from her in person, not anyone else.

Jessica shook her head in shock and pushed the paper in front of him. "Jacob, you can have a look yourself! It is true! Why do I make up such a lie and lie to you! Believe it or not, this is the truth! I'm here to tell you tonight, because I want you to tell everyone that we were together that day, so that you have to divorce her and be with me! "

Jacob looked at her coldly and sneered, "No way!"

Jessica picked up the form and said wickedly, "Otherwise, Grandma will see it tonight, and by then you will also divorce her! And all the media will receive the news tonight. "

He narrowed his deep eyes tightly, and his eyes were cold. "Are you threatening me?"

Jessica nodded and smiled, "Sure enough, I know you don't want this matter to be exposed, do you? And now that I know this secret, I could tell you, as well as others. "

"It's impossible to be with you." His eyes were deep and firm, without any doubt.

Jessica was pissed off, "Why is it impossible? I'm nothing worse than her! I come from a better family, have a better figure and a more beautiful face than her. She is just relying on Grandma's love, but I, I have loved you for many years, with all my heart! I love you as much as she loves you. Why can't you take a look at me? "

"Because you are not her. You are not Louisa, so I won't look at you. "

Jessica's eyes became moist. She gritted her teeth and looked at the man fiercely.

"You've gone too far. You still can't let her go even though she has already been like this. She lied to you. She doesn't deserve you at all. "

"You are wrong. It's not that she doesn't deserve me, but that I don't deserve her! Thank you for telling me this and letting me kno

You... How could this be... "

This was completely different from what she had imagined!

She thought he would blame Lola for not telling her and divorcing her directly! Or even if he wanted to protect Lola, he must not want Grandma to know, so that she could have a bargaining chip to negotiate with him.

She didn't expect that Jacob would react like this, which made her even more panic.

"Is it useless even if the whole world opposes it, isn't it?" She frowned deeply and said with a bitter smile.

"Because it's none of anyone's business, only about Lola and me. No one else has the right to interfere! " He stood up, looked down at Jessica and said coldly, "If you dare to let others know, I can guarantee that I will crush you to death. I once gave you a chance. I thought you would learn a lesson, but this time you go even further. The last warning has already been given to you! If you are not afraid of losing everything, just do it! I'm a man of my word! "

Jessica fell silent. She looked at the man blankly.

"Oh, by the way, thank you for telling me about it and let me know that she has sacrificed so much for me. Don't forget to go to the Gu family tonight. I will give you a satisfactory answer. " Jacob sneered, snorted, turned around and left the cafe.

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