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   Chapter 247 She Will Never Be A Mother

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Jane curled her lips and looked at him with disdain. "What's wrong? Do you need me to publish a report to take responsibility for you? "

Ivan smiled happily, "That's great! If you want to be responsible for me in public, I have no objection! "

"Ivan!" She shouted angrily, "Then I'll spread the news that you are impotent. Let me see who can be responsible for it!"

"If I will really be impotent, you will become a widow. Don't worry. It's not a big deal..." Ivan said, standing straight and crossing his arms.

Just then, Jacob came out of the bathroom and said abruptly, "You must take care of yourself. My sister doesn't want to be a widow..."

Jane blushed and said to Jacob, "That's enough, Jacob! It's none of your business! "

"Yes, yes, this is the matter of couple. I won't get involved. "


"Good job, my brother-in-law. It was worth taking you home from a long distance last night." Ivan nodded with satisfaction.

With a frown, Jane waved her hand and walked out of the room. When Ivan was about to chase after her, he was stopped by Jacob. Jacob said sincerely, "Bro, I've made it. It's your turn now. It's not difficult to change Jane's mind. It depends on how you choose. You know what she is worried about, so you have to take this step first. I have faith in you. "

Then Jacob left.

After thinking for a while, Ivan called his agent and said, "Cancel all the schedules that can be cancelled! I have something very important to do! "

Jane was driving the car. With one hand on his forehead, Jacob sat in the back seat, looking very uncomfortable.

"What's wrong with you and Lola? Haven't the misunderstanding been solved yet? Tonight, the Ai Family will come to our house to ask for solution. If we can't prove your innocence, they won't let you go! It's not a good thing for you and Lola if this matter is made public by them. "

This was also the reason why Jacob looked uncomfortable.

"Drive me to the KING coffee shop. Jessica made an appointment with me."

Jane frowned and asked, "Why does she

n the table, but refused to pick it up to take a look.

His heart was also filled with complex feelings.

Was this the thing she had been trying to hide?

Why did this happen... He had investigated into her last miscarriage. People all said that she was just in poor health, but he didn't expect her situation to be so bad.

And she kept it from him...

Seeing that his face turned pale and serious, Jessica smiled wickedly. "It seems that you have believed what I said. You don't need to look at it to know... Are you suspecting her too? She always lies, hiding a lot of secrets! She can't give birth to a baby all her life and can't be a mother. It is her retribution! Humph, she shouldn't have been coveting someone who don't belong to her... "

After saying that, Jessica looked at Jacob, only to see his malicious eyes staring at her. She said in a trembling voice, "Did I say anything wrong? Why did she want to be the young mistress of the Gu Family? What she did is just for money! She doesn't love you at all. If she really loves you, how can she not divorce you even though she knows she is infertile? She knew that Mrs. Gu wanted to have a great grandson, and she knew that Mrs. Gu wanted you to marry her just for carrying on the family line! "

"That's enough! Jessica, if you don't shut up, I can't guarantee that I won't tear your mouth apart! "

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