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   Chapter 243 Kick You Away

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It was rare for Lola to look at his face seriously. "Put the evidence in front of me and find the loophole in this matter. As long as you expose the lie of Jessica, I will believe you. And I will apologize to you! "

Jacob held her waist tightly and smiled, "That's all?"

She frowned and asked, "Can you take it seriously? It is important! It refers to your reputation! If you don't care about the development of this matter, perhaps Jessica will do something worse! Didn't you see that she forced you to marry her and asked you to be responsible for her? Do you really want to divorce me and marry her? "

Jacob couldn't help laughing, which seemed to make Lola angrier. She kept struggling.

He hugged her tightly and didn't want to let her go at all. He said softly, "Of course I won't be responsible for her, because I didn't touch her at all! Since my wife has ordered, I promise you that I will give you a satisfactory answer. "

She pouted and snorted, "This is also responsible for yourself!"

"Yes, yes, you are right!"

With a red face, Lola was hugged by him and felt so hot. She said in a shy voice, "I hope you can do it."

"I will keep my promise."

That night, they went back to the apartment and spent a sweet night together. He didn't feel tired and kept using his actions to prove how much he needed her.

And what she could only do was to bear the power and temptation he gave her.

But in the next few days, she didn't see him anymore. She didn't know what he was busy with. As for the Gu family, they were also worried about how to deal with Jessica.

But this was no longer what she was worried about.

In the past few days, she didn't read the news on the Internet. Anna and Lily had been helping her with her work.

And she knew that she couldn't delay her work any longer.

Therefore, in addition to some advertising and interviews, she also wanted to work in the crew as soon as possible.

The first choice for her was the TV series, Princess and Agents.

But this project was delayed for various reasons. She didn't want to wait any longer. But Anna to

won't leave you alone now! "

"He won't love you either!" Lola said with red eyes, gritting her teeth.

Jessica nodded and shrugged, "Yes, I know he doesn't love me. He has never taken a look at me from beginning to end! But let me tell you, that night when he held me, he called Mia more than fifty times and Ellie more than twenty times... He just didn't call you, Lola! "

Jessica's last sentence was so loud that even Lola's heart trembled.

She couldn't help but take a step back in horror and shook her head. "No, he said he was..."

"What did he say? Even if he explained something to you, he was just lying to you! Do you really think he has a crush on you? Why doesn't he love Ellie but loves you? Stop kidding me! Ellie was right. He just couldn't tame his anger and tried to piss her off by flirting with you! You are the only one in the world who doesn't know it! I can see it clearly! "

"Shut up! Stop talking about this! I won't believe you! " Lola leaned against the wall with a pale face.

With a sinister smile on her face, Jessica squinted her eyes and said, "Jacob loves Mia the most, and then loves Ellie! The two of us are nothing in his heart! You should remember that what he said to you is just to stabilize you so that Mrs. Gu can rest assured and spend the rest of her life happily! Do you think if he will kick you away after Mrs. Gu passes away in the future? "

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