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   Chapter 242 Our First Time

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After hearing his words, Lola felt upset and her heart fluctuated restlessly.

She couldn't believe that the man in front of her would say something like that. Her restless heart couldn't calm down, as if it was about to jump out.

He narrowed his amber eyes, which were full of her shadow. "Have you forgotten what you have done?"

She shook her head guiltily. How could she forget it?

The second day after this incident, she was scolded by Jacob and mocked by Fiona who said that Lola was like a toad trying to swallow a swan!

"How could I know... You kissed me secretly... I was totally drunk... " She pursed her lips and her face flushed unnaturally.

The man smiled, "Of course you didn't know. So that was my first kiss. "

"Don't lie to me. How could it be your first kiss? Even if you want to lie to me, find a suitable excuse. I don't believe it at all... "

"Then do you know when my first time to have sex was?" Jacob interrupted her directly.

Lola, who was talking, was stunned for a moment. She blinked her eyes in confusion. "What... Are you going to say... "

"Yes. Lola, I have never told you that that night was your first time, and also mine. " His sincere and deep eyes deeply reflected on her eyes.

Lola felt like she was sucked in involuntarily and could not extricate herself.

It was their first time...

The memory of that night overwhelmed her, making her tremble and almost unable to stand.

He quickly stepped forward, held her waist, leaned against the car, bent down and looked at her beautiful and shy face. "It was our first time. I believe you won't forget it, but you know what? That night, I was also very nervous... "

She shook her head with a red face and was in a trance. She felt that her whole body was burning, as if she had a high fever that lasted for many years.

Was she sick?

Seeing that she was silent and her face flushed, he got closer to her f

and said, "Why don't you believe whatever I say?"

Lola stared at him, "Because you have consumed all my trust before! I have no trust in you! I will never believe you unless I see the evidence! "

He smiled bitterly and looked at her helplessly. "Evidence? Where can I find evidence for you? Do you need to check my body? But it's too late... "

"So, don't talk about it anymore."

"So the problem between us is not that we don't love each other. I am sure that you love me. You just don't believe that I will fall in love with you, do you? " The man asked on purpose.

Lola blinked, as if she didn't understand what he meant. "Yes... No... You just want to lie to me... After making me fall in love with you deeply, you will leave me again. Anyway, it's not the first time that you do this. "

Jacob held her tightly in his arms and said seriously, "I don't lie to you. Really not. If I lie to you, I'm willing to make the most vicious oath to poison myself to death... "

Lola quickly covered his mouth with her hand and sighed, "Don't say such serious words... It is unnecessary. Take the matter between you and Jessica for example, if you want me to believe your innocence, you have to do one thing... "

"What is it? Tell me, I'll do whatever you ask me to do. "

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