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   Chapter 236 Regard Her As Me

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Hearing this, Lola suddenly raised her head and snorted, "You're so lucky to have women everywhere! Mr. Jacob, why do you still come to me? "

"You are right. There are many women who want to throw themselves at me! Not only Ellie and Jessica, but even some young girls often come to me... I've seen all kinds of methods. When did you see a woman beside me? Have I been involved in any scandal for so many years? I have always been dignified. I can say that I have always kept my chastity. So, why do I still come to you and explain the misunderstanding to you? "

Jacob's eyes were burning, as if he wanted to burn her up. She pursed her lips and said, "You don't have any scandal, maybe it's because you are... Picky! "

"You are right. I am very picky. I won't touch the woman I don't like. I only like to be with the woman I like..." He looked at her deeply, raised her chin with his hand and said sincerely.

Her heartbeat was so fast, as if her heart was about to jump out. That kind of palpitating mood unexpectedly appeared again.

Lola had to admit that he was good at flirting at this time.

She was tempted. Every time she was tempted by his face, words and breath, and her heart couldn't help but beat fast.

"Listen to me. I asked Barry to put her off last night, so I talked to her only for a little while... I was afraid that you would be unhappy, so I insisted on going home even if I was totally drunk... But when I got home, I saw that the light in the bedroom was turned off and I went to bed in a daze. I faintly felt that there was someone on the bed, but I was so drunk that I fell asleep directly after lying down. I don't know what happened, let alone why Jessica appeared. "

"Was Jessica in bed when you came back? Did you... Did you regard her as me? " She opened her eyes wide and recalled that sometimes when they slept in the same bed, he would crawl over to her, hug her, kiss her, and flirt with her...

"Ah!" Thinking of this, she was going crazy!

She grabbed her hair with both hands and shook her head suddenly. "You must have taken her as me! Then you... Damn it! Couldn't you tell whether it was me o

xplanation! I'm here to support you. Don't feel embarrassed. "

Jacob looked at Jessica with cold eyes. She was really good at putting on an act...

He spoke out what he had just said to Lola in front of everyone again. With a red face, Jessica cried pitifully, "How can you say that, Jacob? You are distorting the truth! I was brought into the room by you, but you didn't let me speak. You held me and kissed me into the room... I was afraid that we would make some noise. It was too late, so I didn't say anything... Then we had sex for a long time... I have marks which you left all over my body! "

As soon as Lola walked out of the room, she heard such words. Her face darkened. She stepped back and hid herself, not to be discovered by others.

Jacob shouted angrily, "Shut up, Jessica! Do you think you can talk nonsense because I was drunk and knew nothing last night? No one can force me to admit what I haven't done! I haven't done anything to you. That's the truth! Don't try to distort the truth! Do you think you can get anything by using this method? No way! "

Jessica stood up angrily, walked to Jacob and grabbed his arm. "How can you be so cold, Jacob? I feel wronged too. How could you hurt me like this? You know, I liked you since I was a child. Although you had a girlfriend and later married someone you didn't like... But my love for you has never changed. I can only hide it in my heart secretly... "

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