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   Chapter 209 Be Jealous

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Ellie rushed up and tried to grab Lola's phone, but was dodged by her.

"Give it to me!"

"Of course I won't!" Lola clicked on her phone and sent the recording to her e-mail, "It's useless for you to grab your phone. It's in my e-mail now."

Ellie snapped with anger, "Lola! What are you going to do? "

"I don't want to create any unnecessary gossip, but first of all, Ellie, you have to keep up your image! As long as you behave yourself and don't provoke me, I won't make it public. But if you cross my bottom line, I will let everyone hear what you just said... By that time, the good image you have been maintaining will collapse! "

"I... I didn't say anything... "

"Didn't say anything?" Lola played the recording of their conversation again. "If you don't think it's a big deal, why did you come up to grab it from me just now?"

She smiled complacently and put away her phone. "Well, if you don't care, one day I'm in a good mood, I'll post it online and let the netizens comment on it."

Ellie immediately shook her head nervously, "No! Don't do that! Lola, you'd better watch your step. Don't be too hasty. Otherwise, it might cause a great uproar! You don't want any gossip to happen to you again, and so do I. In that case, don't do that. "

"It seems that we can reach an agreement on this matter." With a faint smile, Lola immediately took her phone with her, turned around and walked into the film set.

Looking at Lola's back, Ellie gritted her teeth and said, "Humph, what are you proud of! I can go back to find Jacob now. He needs my comfort and companionship! Lola, you'd better stay here and shoot to death! "

Although Lola felt that what Ellie said before was a little strange, she didn't think too much. She tried to contact Ivan and Ryan and asked them tentatively. But nothing was strange.

So she was relieved and focused on the shooting.

A week before the completion of the shooting, Ellie posted a picture of a bedroom on microblog. At the same time, Lola recognized the bedroom at once... It was her and Jacob's!

She was trembling all over and her fingers were trembling when she touched the screen. How could Ellie be a

know what you are talking about. What photos? You mean that Ellie went to our bedroom to take photos, which made you misunderstood me. So that is why you called me so many times, right? "

"Yes... But it doesn't matter. What matters is what happened. Can you stop lying to me? "

The man chuckled, "No, it's very important. You are jealous. That's good, you are jealous because of me. "

"I am not jealous! Haven't you read the speculations online? They all said that our room was your love nest with her! Who do you think I am! Jacob, if you don't fix it, I won't go back to live with you! I don't want to enter that room or sleep in that bed! "

Speaking excitedly, Lola was so angry that her face turned red and her cheeks bulged.

She didn't expect herself to be so emotional. But as she spoke, she couldn't control her emotions at all.

Jacob said softly, "You silly girl, how can I take others back to our home? I've been working in the company these days. Sometimes I went back to the Gu Family, but I didn't go to the villa... Since you are not there, I have no reason to go back. I want to go back only when you at home. "

Hearing his words, Lola was nervous and her heart beat fast as if it was going to jump out of her chest. Such words like confession really made her unable to bear.

She admitted that she really liked it.

"Then... Then how did she get to our house? How did she get to my bedroom? " She asked timidly.

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