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   Chapter 203 You Know The Answer

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It seemed that she had just woken up from a great dream. Lola only turned over, but she felt exhausted. The sunshine outside the window gradually sprinkled on her room.

She blinked, but felt sore and hot all over her body. When she opened her eyes, she felt a sudden tight hug.


She cried out in shock, because a face was right in front of her, looking at her with a snicker.

All the memories of last night came back in an instant!

She blushed and tried to push him away. "Let go of me. Don't you feel hot?"

"Do you feel hot in the early morning?" With an evil and attractive smile on his face, Jacob said, "Well, I'm also hot and hungry..."

She swallowed deeply and reached out her hand, but was controlled by the man. She said angrily, "I didn't mean that! Jacob, don't you know you've gone too far? Why did you... Do this to me without my permission! You are so shameless! "

Jacob squinted his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth, "You ask me why? Until now, will you still ask me why? I'm your husband. I made it clear last night. I'm responsible for you. I can't let my wife stay alone in the bedroom and let others take advantage of it. "

He pinched her nose gently and said dotingly.

Lola was a little flustered. The man in front of her was a little strange. She was not used to such an intimate behavior at all.

She was like a young girl at a loss, with the most strange and inexperienced reaction.

"What nonsense are you talking about? We are just pretending to maintain our marriage. Who told you I would have a real marriage with you?" She felt his warm breath on her face, and even her whole body was imprisoned by his warm embrace.

It was really difficult for her to escape from such a trap.

"A few years ago, you were mine." Jacob smoothed her hair slightly, pushed it away, looked at her and said gently, "Of course I won't stand by and watch others coveting my woman. I just want to prove to you that you have a husband, do you remember? I want to make you see the reality with my action that whom you belong to... Your body and your heart can on

n Mr. Jacob's phone? Bitch! It is really unworthy for him to be stuck with such a woman! I feel so sorry for him! Jacob, she is a scheming bitch. She will harm to you! You only have me. I won't hurt you. I'll do everything for you... I feel so sorry for him. Why did God treat him like this? "

Frowning slightly, Lola pouted. She was dissatisfied to see such a harsh comment, but she did not want to reconcile. She directly replied with Jacob's account, "Oh, I'm awake. Someone showed me the comment. How could there be such a brainless person? I'm sorry to disappoint you. Your Mr. Jacob now is in my bed... But soon I will kick him down to kneel on the remote control! And I also feel sorry for your parents who have such a daughter like you... "

After typing, Lola threw the phone to Jacob and said angrily, "I'm not happy now. The only thing that can make me happy is that you get out of bed immediately and kneel on the remote control!"

Jacob smiled mysteriously, "Will you forgive what I have done if I kneel on the remote control?"

"Yes." Said Lola without hesitation.


Then Jacob lifted the quilt and got out of bed without wearing clothes.

"Ah! You! Get dressed! "

"No, I'll just kneel on the remote control like this. How long do you want me to kneel? "

"No, thanks! That's enough! Get up. "

Lola even wanted to take photos to verify it, but now... Forget it

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