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   Chapter 201 Never Get Her Heart

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 7023

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She bit her lips tightly and stared at the phone screen. She was furious!

Murphy set a trap for her on purpose!

All the excuses were to buy time, create an illusion, and arrange for someone to secretly take photos!

She immediately dialed the phone number of Murphy and shouted as soon as it was connected, "You son of bitch! Do you want to destroy me? "

Murphy snorted and said in a soft voice, "Have you received my great gift? Are you satisfied? "

"You must be crazy! You can even do such a dirty thing! "

"It was you who made me do that. If you hadn't allied with Jacob and wanted to leave me, I wouldn't have wanted to deal with you. After all, you are the most popular star in my company. How can I be so ruthless to do that? "

Lola trembled with anger, unable to tell whether she was angry or sad and desperate. "Do you think I will be afraid of this trick? Let me tell you, Jacob won't believe it. You won't succeed! "

"Doesn't he believe it? But why did he keep calling me? Lola, are you too confident in him? Or are you bluffing? "

"You don't have to lie to me. I have seen through your tricks!"

"I don't lie to you. You'll know soon. I'm sure that Jacob is eager to confirm it with you! But now you are talking to me on the phone and can't answer his phone. You can guess whether he will suspect something or not... "

After hearing this, Lola hung up the phone immediately before he could continue to say something and looked at her phone.

But Jacob didn't call her. Did he really call Murphy directly?

What would he believe?

She couldn't wait to dial his number, only to find that he was on the phone

Her heart sank with the sound from her phone.

At this moment, the two men were talking.

"Mr. Jacob, what's the matter? It's so late now."

Jacob said coldly, "Mr. Murphy, what do you mean? Why did you go to see my wife late at night? Do you think she will take a look at you if you chase after her and pester her shamelessly? I saw the news clearly. It was you who pestered her and deliberately arranged someone to shoot such a photo. You rea

whether he would be angry...

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but shed tears.

She was also angry with herself. Why was she so disappointing and worried about him?

But Jacob just ignored her. Was he not angry or jealous at all? Or did he not care about her at all?

She could deal with the similar thing as soon as possible before, and Jacob would stand by her side as soon as possible. But now he didn't answer her phone, and even turned it off!

Damn it! Why did he come to disturb her heart now?

She had made up her mind to concentrate on her career. She had decided not to love and care about him anymore, but in the end, she lost to love.

She lost to her heart.

She couldn't tell a lie because her heart was still beating for him.

She curled up in a corner of the sofa, quietly looking at the phone lying next to her, as if she was waiting for something.

'What are you doing, Jacob? Why don't you contact me?'

She lowered her head and sobbed softly. She thought she was the only person in the room, but suddenly there was a voice. She raised her head and saw a figure indistinctly...

Lola wiped her eyes and blinked. When she saw the man rushing over, she was surprised. "You..."

The man was coming hurriedly, and even came with a gust of cold wind. He held her in his arms, and at this moment, the missing that he hadn't seen her for many days burst out...

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