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   Chapter 200 Breaking News

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Hearing this, Lola immediately said, "Kate, how could it be possible for me to..."

"I just said it casually. In fact, I saw his true colors earlier than you did. But I just found that I was pregnant and didn't know what to do. Lola, I know you feel very sorry for me, but you have to know that it's none of your business. I won't be angry with you. The reason why I haven't contacted you recently is that I'm in a dilemma because of the baby... I want to give birth to the baby... But dad and mom didn't agree, and even Murphy thought I was going to threaten him with the baby... What do you think I should do? "

When she heard Kate's trouble and distress, her heart hurt as if it was pricked by a needle. It was she who brought all these sufferings to Kate!

"Kate, you are still young. Your father and mother are doing this for your own good... That bastard doesn't deserve you... "

"Even you object?" Kate interrupted her and said disappointedly, "I didn't do it for him. Why don't you believe me? I just want a baby. I like baby very much. Even if I give birth to it, I have to raise it by myself! I've already gone through the divorce formalities with Murphy. "

Lola's heart gradually sank. She knew that her father and mother were right, but Kate also had her own thoughts. This child came at an incorrect time.

It came just at the time of their divorce. Was that why Murphy had said that Kate didn't want to divorce him?

"Kate, it's a good thing that you divorce him. Now we can see that he is ambitious. If it goes on like this, I'm afraid..."

"It's not that he is ambitious. It's just that he deliberately planned and now he has put the company into his own pocket. My father is still trying to find the evidence of his crime... I believe that the company will be taken back soon. Don't worry. Although he has some means, he is still too hasty and does things inappropriately... "

Hearing that, Lola was very happy. "That's good. I'm very worried about your father and mother. And Murphy is making things difficult for me now... "

"Lola, don't be afraid of Murphy. He is just a paper tiger. Although he is insidious, we can still find a way to deal with him. You have to

d held her hand. "I know I was wrong."

After that night, she quickly recovered and stopped talking about the baby.

Now she recalled the past again. Thanks to the scolding of Kate at that time, or she wouldn't have been what she was now.

She knew clearly how good and important Kate was to her, so she was so worried about the situation of Kate.

The situation was completely reversed now. It was Kate who was pregnant, but she couldn't say anything to ask Kate to abort the baby. She knew how eagerly and expectantly a woman who was about to be a mother wanted to have a baby.

This sense of expectation and happiness had nothing to do with men. It was natural.

Therefore, no matter whether Kate wanted to keep the baby or not, she would only support her.

It was already one o'clock in the evening. When Lola was about to go to bed, her phone rang and a news came.

She glanced at it by accident and immediately sat up from the bed with a scream.

Lily who was sleeping outside quickly ran over and asked in confusion, "What's wrong? Lola? Did you have a nightmare? "

Murphy, he was just a nightmare for her!

That was a breaking news!

Mr. Jacob's new wife had a secret meeting with her former agent at night. They behaved intimately and stayed in the car together for two hours!

She finally knew why Murphy asked her to get in the car, talked nonsense with her, and deliberately provoked her anger by mentioning the matter of Kate...

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