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   Chapter 197 Cheat On Me

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At night, Lola didn't return to the villa until she sent Lily back. She was very tired and wanted to have a rest, but Jacob was already waiting for her.

She knew what Jacob wanted to say, so she told him directly, "Leonard is not my agent. I arranged him to establish a team for me in the studio, and the agent is still Anna. Are you satisfied with this?"

Jacob crossed his arms over his chest, and said "Is this the only thing you want to tell me?"

Frowning, Lola was confused. She had thought that he wanted to ask about it, but now she was a little surprised. "Or what else can it be?"

He snorted and threw the phone in his hand to her side. "Have a look."

Lola confused, and picked up the phone and saw a picture of her drinking in the apartment. How could Flora take such a picture?

She took a closer look and found the message Jacob received was from Murphy, saying "Your wife didn't come back last night. Aren't you worried? You didn't call us at all. Fortunately, you didn't disturb us... "

Lola's face changed.

A feeling of being betrayed by the person beside her surged up in her heart. She sat on the sofa with a pale face.

"No. How could... "

"How could he send it to me? Who do you think I am? Do you want to cheat on me? " Jacob threw the ashtray aside angrily and broke it into pieces.

Lola frowned, all she thought was about the fact that Flora betrayed her again.

Flora was right. Once meet again, they were not friends, but enemies. Flora really gave her a good lesson.

Who else could she trust?

No matter how painful and entangled Flora was, she still chose to be with Murphy.

She was really careless this time.

"Lola, say something! Did you spend the night together? I thought you had something on your mind and didn't want to disturb you. I thought you were with Flora. But I didn't expect that she was just your excuse! You are hiding it from me. Lola, you are really an actress. Even acting in front of me? "

"Are you so easily provoked? It's so easy to believe what oth


He held her tightly in his warm arms. Lola could clearly hear the heartbeat in his chest, faster and faster.

And her heart was beating uncontrollably too.

She couldn't help but hate herself for being too incompetent. How could she fall in love with such a hateful man?

If she could love someone else... Everything would be fine.

In fact, she couldn't.

It was too rare to say the word "sorry" from his mouth. "I'm flattered," said Lola.

"Let me go..."

"No way! I'm jealous! Don't you understand, Lola? I'm jealous of you. I admit that I was too impulsive... "

"Not just a little..."

"A lot." She reminded him.

"Yes. You are right. " Jacob admitted frankly. "I almost went crazy when I saw the news. I couldn't bear the thought that you might be with him the whole night. I lost my mind, but in fact, in my heart... "

"I don't want to hear your explanation. Explanation is just the excuse for your behavior. If you trust me, you won't doubt me. I met Flora and chatted with her the whole night. The message you showed me just now, I was even more surprised than you. Do you know what it means? It means that she betrayed me again... "

After saying that, her voice trembled and her body stiffened.

Jacob could feel her sadness. He held her in his arms, rested his chin on her shoulder and said softly, "I'm here..."

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