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   Chapter 196 Find A Young Boy

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Jessica looked at Lola in confusion. She didn't know what Lola meant and looked in the direction of Anna in confusion.

Anna frowned, "Miss Lola, what do you mean?"

Lola shrugged her shoulders, spread out her hands and said helplessly, "It doesn't mean anything. I never force people to do anything. Since you don't want to come to me, it will be a trouble in the future if you are forced to work with me. Why should I make trouble for myself? "

She walked up to Barry and saw a new agent standing next to him. This new agent looked young and then she asked, "What's your name?"

"Leonard Liang."

She looked at Leonard Liang up and down and asked, "Are you willing to work in my studio?"

Leonard Liang was ecstatic and nodded, "Of course! But I don't have any experience... "

"Experience can be accumulated slowly. The most important thing is whether you are capable and trustworthy. Come with me and I'll interview you in person. " Lola went straight to another meeting room. Leonard Liang glanced at Barry, and Barry nodded and pushed him. "Then just go. Your boss want to personally interview you. Be smart and don't make me lose face!"

Seeing that Lola and Leonard Liang stood up one after another, Jessica was a little confused. She didn't expect that Lola would give in so easily. She had thought that she would seize the opportunity to make Lola owe her something.

But things went a little unexpectedly.

Anna was also a little confused. She didn't know what Barry and Lola were doing. She walked up to Jessica and said, "Well, Jessica, that's enough. We still have an activity to attend. I'm afraid it's too late for you to prepare."

Jessica pouted, picked up her bag and left angrily.

Anna was also helpless. She looked at the mess on the ground and ordered the cleaner to clean it before leaving.

Lola was chatting with Leonard Liang in the meeting room for a long time, while Barry who was standing at the door and supervising them, called Jacob. "She wants Leonard to be her agent."

"Who is Leonard?"

"He is a new agent, my junior fellow apprentice!"

"What? He? A man? "

Barry said in confusion, "He must be a man. How could he be a woman? Boss, are you out of your mind? "


ublic. You are also worried that I will be unfaithful to you after I come, so you use this method to make the best of both worlds. I'm not that stupid. "

Lola nodded, "Anna, since you said so, I won't hide it from you. You are right. You are a wise woman, so we just come straight to the point. Since you have dealt with Jessica, you can come to me. I don't worry about your ability, but you'd better guarantee your loyalty... In my eyes, ability is second and the most important thing is loyalty. I have to make sure that you will be loyal to me before I accept you. Otherwise, I don't have a sense of security! "

Anna looked at her deeply. "I've been with Jessica for many years, and I've done my job with ease. If it weren't for this good chance, I wouldn't have left so easily. As you know, my ability is one of the best in this industry. Many companies want to poach me, but I don't want to leave MY Group. In fact, I have paid attention to you since you came back. I'm very optimistic about your future development. And I'm very happy to work in your studio. I believe you will see my sincerity. "

Lola nodded, "Okay, let's have a try. I'm looking forward to your sincerity. "

Anna breathed a sigh of relief and stood up with a smile. "Okay. Then wish we have a pleasant cooperation! I'll go back and prepare for it. I'll give you a future development plan later. "

"So fast..."

Lola said in a low voice. In fact, she didn't know if she would do well without Flora.

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