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   Chapter 195 It's Enough To Only Destroy Her

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Hearing this, Flora stiffened and smiled bitterly, "Of course. I'm different from her. You didn't spend so much effort to deceive me into taking the bait! You love her more than any other woman! Don't you? "

Since Flora knew him, she had seen his ways of seducing women countless times. In the past few years, the reason why he got the position was that he relied on women by playing tricks.

At first, he just wanted money, so he became a toy boy among several rich women. At that time, Flora called herself as his girlfriend. She tried to resist, quarrel, get angry, run away from home, but finally turned into compromise, tolerance, and humiliation...

Along the way, Flora was no longer a simple girl like before. She used to think this man would be good to her all his life.

Later, she met Lola. This girl was very special. Even she could feel that the attitude of Murphy towards Lola was very different from that towards the previous woman...

At that time, she thought that Lola was her opponent, and she had even betrayed her once...

But later, Murphy still seduced a more useful woman, Kate.

This time, Murphy did this not only for money, but also for power and status. Of course, the ultimate goal was a large sum of money.

Flora even forgot how she had come to this point step by step. She had endured all the humiliation and borne everything for him. She had always been willing to be his spy, puppet and toy for his plan and ambition.

Finally, Flora realized that Lola was really different from other women. She didn't trust Murphy and fall into his trap.


Not knowing since when, Flora had regarded Lola as her little sister. She didn't want Lola to be destroyed by this man.

She thought it was enough to only destroy herself.

The only one she felt sorry for was Kate... Such a good woman was almost destroyed by him... But fortunately, for the sake of Lola, Murphy finally divorced Kate.

"What are you thinking about? Do you really think that I fall in love with Lola? " With an evil smile, Murphy raised her chin and looked at her, "Silly girl, do you believe such a lie? Other women are not as good as you. You w

ompany was terribly quiet. Seeing that Lola came, they wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

As she walked inside, she heard a loud shout from Jessica. "Anyway, don't want to bully me. You must give me an explanation today!"

When Lola opened the door, she saw a mess on the ground. Seeing her angrily, Jessica stood up excitedly and said, "Lola, you're finally here!"

She smiled, "Have you been waiting for me?"

Jessica's face froze and smiled awkwardly. "Lola, that's not what you said. Anna did a good job for me. Why did you take her away? Barry even arranged a new agent for me. You tell me, is that your idea? "

Lola shook her head, "I just knew it." She looked at Anna and asked, "Anna, what do you think? Don't you want to work with me? "

As soon as she said this, Jessica turned to look at Anna. Before Anna could say something, Jessica said, "How could she be willing to work with you? I always have a good relationship with her and treat her well! We are not willing to be arranged like this. We are very unhappy! Anna, do you think so? "

Anna replied calmly, "Although I'm willing to obey the company's decision, in my opinion, it's indeed a little hasty. After all, I'm doing well for Jessica now..."

"Oh? So you are unwilling to work with me? I don't want to force anyone... " Then Lola turned to look at Barry and said, "Forget it. Give me the new agent. I won't have the ability to get Anna!"

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