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   Chapter 194 When I See You Again, We Are Not Friends

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Updated: 2020-06-21 00:12

Flora nodded and comforted her, "Okay, okay, I won't say it again. Don't cry. "

"I'm not crying..." Lola said stubbornly.

Flora echoed, "Yes, you are not crying... I won't mention it anymore, okay? Please don't be like this... "

Raising her hazy eyes, Lola looked at Flora in front of her and said, "I know I'm escaping from it, but what's the use of saying it? Except for increasing his suspicion and bringing trouble, there was no benefit. I've been through hell once. Now if you ask me to uncover my wound, it will only make me suffer once... "

"Lola, it seems that you still don't trust Jacob. Have you really decided to continue your marriage with him? You look so painful. You can't let go of the past at all... "

She shook her head bitterly. "I have never thought about letting it go. How can I let it go? He knows nothing, but I know everything about myself. How can I forgive him so easily and be a loving couple with him? It's impossible. "

"It's impossible." Lola said with a faint smile, no one knew she was talking to Flora or herself.

Flora sighed, "Then why do you have to do that? You escaped from Mr. Murphy, but you are still with Jacob. You are still unhappy. "

"Flora, maybe this is my destiny. I can't escape from Jacob. How could I expect that I haven't got relieved in the past two years? We haven't divorced yet. I'm still in the same place. I just ran away from home for a period of time and went through a period of unusual time... "

The two of them said and hugged each other tightly.

"I don't want to see you suffer any more, but since you are still with him, I hope you can think about how to go on..."

"Let's wait and see."

Her heart was bleeding.

For her, she remembered everything in the past, which could not be forgotten overnight.

But Jacob knew nothing about her past. Maybe he still thought it was just a misunderstanding. If it was cleared up, she would still love him a

d her hard and asked, "Why don't you speak? Didn't you go to see Lola? Did she ask you to go with her? Why don't you just go with her? "

Flora pursed her lips and didn't say anything. Then, Murphy kicked her again and said, "I give you a chance to leave me. Now if you say that you want to leave me and follow Lola, I will let you go... As long as you say it out... "

Flora looked up at him in surprise and then lowered her head down, "I won't leave. I won't leave even if you drive me away. "

"Flora, since Lola has left, why are you still here? Don't you think I'm a bad guy too? Why don't you leave? Because... You love me? Is that true? Ha ha? " Murphy laughed crazily and looked at Flora evilly.

Biting her lips hard, Flora raised her head and looked at Murphy. "Yes, you know very well that I won't leave you. I won't leave you because you are the only one in the world I have. Similarly, you only have me... I love you, so I don't care how many bad things you have done and how many people you have hurt! I love you, Murphy, so you can treat me without scruple! Now you want to treat Lola as you treat me... She is not me. She has already had Jacob in her heart, so no matter how well you treat her, she will not fall in love with you! Not to mention that she will become me! "

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