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   Chapter 192 Being Alienated

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Cold as ice, Lola stood still, breathing fast.

Looking at her expression, Murphy smiled and said, "I'm afraid things will change!"

"Damn it! You can't do that! Why do you want to do that? " She stepped forward excitedly and raised her hand to slap Murphy, but her hand was grabbed by him.

"Why do I do that? Because I've been training and taking care of you for the past two years. You're my best work. How can I be willing to give up such a perfect work? Even if you want to terminate the contract with me, so what? In the end, only I am willing to accept you! Understand? "

Murphy snapped fiercely. The ferocious look on his face made Lola shudder.

The man in front of her was not her benefactor who protected her and got hurt because of her at all.

He was a demon.

"You've gone too far! You are so cruel! You have become a devil! "

"Lola, it's up to you whether I'm a human or a devil. Do you understand?"

She shook her head and said coldly, "Murphy, nothing has happened between us. Do you still want to frame me? Not to mention that Jacob won't believe you, it doesn't matter to me even if he believes your words. You won't understand my relationship with him. "

Murphy looked up and said in surprise, "Really? So you are not that close, are you? He doesn't know you... "

"Shut up! That's enough! He knows nothing. I don't have to let him know anything... " With a guilty conscience, Lola shook her head and her face turned pale. "Don't try to threaten me, Murphy. Do you still want to use the second trick because your first trick didn't take effect? Don't even think about it. No matter what tricks you play, I'm not afraid. I must terminate the contract with you! "

Murphy let go of her and walked forward unhurriedly when she took a few steps back. He looked at her face and said, "You should know that I won't let you go. Since you trust him so much, I will simply tell him the whole truth and let him know... "


ry to leave?"

"Murphy, for the sake of our years of acquaintance and the money I have made for you, just shut up. Stop talking, okay?" She warned Murphy with her sharp eyes, staring at him and saying word by word.

Murphy smiled at her helplessly, "OK, for your sake. Then we can... Talk about it another day. "

After casting a meaningful glance at Lola, Murphy walked to the door but stopped beside Jacob and said in a low voice, "If you want to know something, you can call Flora to ask me out. I believe we will see each other soon. "

It was not until Lola glared at him that he smiled and turned around to leave.

Looking at Lola, Jacob pressed her shoulders with his hands and asked, "Why do you look so pale? Do you feel bad? Or did that man say something to you? What did he want? Tell me, I won't let him do anything he wants. "

"Nothing..." Said Lola softly.

He frowned worriedly and raised her chin gently. "Forget it if you don't want to say. But don't be influenced by him. No matter what he says, I... "

"Why are you so annoying?" Lola suddenly shouted angrily. Her face turned pale and she pushed him away hard. Her eyes were red as if she was full of hatred. "I've told you to shut up. Can you shut up? I don't want to hear anything, and I don't want to say anything! "

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