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   Chapter 191 Be His Mistress

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6976

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He was stunned and looked at Lola in confusion. "Do you really want me to go out? You two stay here alone? What are you going to say behind my back? "

Afraid that Murphy would say something inappropriate, Lola looked at Jacob with dissatisfaction and said, "I want to talk to him alone. What's wrong? You can go out first!"

She stood up and pushed the man out. Jacob was kicked out in public with a long face.

Barry asked other people to leave and said to Jacob in a low voice, "Boss, why are you kicked out? Lola and Mr. Murphy are alone? "

Jacob snapped, "Shut up! They have my permission! What are you talking about? I'm not kicked out. I'm just giving them time to talk alone. Why should I worry about them? "

"Don't be stubborn." Said Barry indifferently.

Turning around, Barry went to the next room and brought a cup of coffee to Flora. He smiled and said, "Miss Flora, how are you? It's been ages"

"Didn't we see each other yesterday?" Flora pursed her lips. When she picked up the coffee and was about to drink it, she heard Barry say inappropriately, "Do you still remember our bet?"

Flora frowned and didn't get it all of a sudden, "What?"

"We made a bet. As I said, Lola will still be with our boss. No, I was wrong. They have never been separated! Their marriage certificates are still there! Are you all stunned? "

Looking at the silly smile on Barry's face, Flora sat a little further away with dissatisfaction. "So what? Do you want to say that you have won? "

"Or what?" Asked Barry in confusion.

Flora sneered, took a sip of coffee and sighed, "It's just the beginning. Why are you in such a hurry? Who said you have won? What if they get divorced tomorrow? Then who wins? "

Barry frowned and suddenly realized something, "Oh, you are right! But they are fine now! "

"You can only see the surface. Can't you see that Lola doesn't even look at Jacob? And there seems to be something wrong between them. The atmosphere between them was not romantic at all. So what can such a marriage prove? Do you think they love each other? "


ing to his sense from alcohol, Murphy was like a beast with a mask off. He shamelessly said that he wanted her to be his woman and he could give her all the money!

How could she take his money?

Who did he think she was?

Lola was scared and disgusted, so she ran away. Then she learned that he was going to divorce with Kate...

It would be better for Kate to leave such a man!

Squinting his eyes, Murphy crossed his arms over his chest and said in an evil and attractive voice, "I divorced because of you. But you remarried him! Lola, do you think you treat me fairly? "

She shook her head in disbelief and widened her eyes. "What? You divorced because of me? Did I ask you to divorce? "

"You said you wouldn't be someone else's mistress, and you told me you wouldn't get involved in other people's marriage! Well, so what if I divorced for you? Anyway, you just made me put my plan ahead of schedule. I don't love Kate at all. You are the only one I love! "

"How dare you say something like that?" Said Lola in a cold voice. Are you a human or not? "

"I'm just a man, a businessman! Lola, I divorced for you, and I can also bring my career back home for you! But I don't allow you to be with Jacob! " With red eyes, he said viciously, "Guess what, if I tell him what happened that night is true, will he believe me? Can he be with you as if nothing had happened? "

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