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   Chapter 112 The Feeling Of Being Torn Apart

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Didn't let Flora know?

Lily was afraid of Flora, so she didn't dare to speak and had a look at Jane.

Jane also felt that staying at home was not a good thing for Lola, so she nodded.

"But if you want me to agree, you have to promise me one thing."

"What?" Confused, Lola stood up.

Jane pushed her to change her clothes, "You'll know in a minute. Go change your clothes first. We'll set off in ten minutes! "

Confused, Lola quickly changed into a simple dress and wore a hat to disguise herself.

Puzzled, Lily tugged at Jane's sleeve and asked, "Are you sure it's okay, Miss Jane? If she is caught by the reporters, Flora will lose her temper again. "

"Why are you so afraid of Flora?" Jane smiled helplessly, "Just go. I'll take charge of it. "

Lily was still worried, so she sent a message to Flora in private to tell her whereabouts.

But Flora didn't reply for a long time.

Lily felt relieved and followed them to the bar.

There were a lot of people in the bar. The flickering dim light, the noisy music, and the crazy dancing floor dazzled Lily. She rarely came to such a place, but she found that Lola was quite at ease and adapted to it.

Then Jane explained to Lily, "Although she looks obedient on the surface, she is actually rebellious deep inside. When she was in a bad mood, she would ask me to come to the bar... What's more, the owner of this bar was a big shot, so the people who came here were all from a small and noble circle. There won't be any paparazzi coming in and out. Don't worry. "

After hearing this, Lily breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the nervous look on Lily's face, Lola took her to dance.

After a while, Lola saw a familiar figure walk up to Jane and whisper.

Squinting her eyes, Lola smiled and whispered something to Lily. Lily shook her head in surprise and said, "Is that okay?"

"Just do what I asked. It's okay. The more people we invite, the more lively the party will b

nsequences, so I don't do it easily. Jane, there were some things that needed her to see clearly. And I also need to see it clearly. "

"No matter what decision you make, I'm definitely on Lola's side. What she suffered this time... Maybe it was because of you... " Jane said meaningfully.

Jacob frowned and turned to ask, "You mean?"

"Although I don't want to believe it, it was not a coincidence. She came back suddenly, grabbed Lola's endorsement and warned Lola. Was it a coincidence? This time, Lola had an accident in the crew. Who were her competitors? Why did something happen at this time? I think she is also one of the suspects. "

Jacob narrowed his eyes and sighed, "Ellie is too proud to do such a thing."

"Yes. Although Ellie disdained it, it didn't mean that the people around her wouldn't do such a thing for her. Don't forget that she still has a man who will never leave her. "

Jane reminded.

Suddenly, something flashed through Jacob's eyes and his pupils trembled, "You mean, Sean?"

"Yes. What kind of person he is? He keeps good relationships with not only dignitaries but also gangs. It was not a big deal for him to bribe a homeless man! More importantly, he is a rat! Only rat would do such a thing! "

Thinking of this, Jane gritted her teeth with hatred.

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