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   Chapter 111 I Don't Need Your Care

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Lola frowned and looked at his back in confusion.

She didn't know where Jane was, and what Ivan did was a little strange.

As soon as Ivan came out of the ward, he saw Jane who had just walked to the door.

Jane was about to walk past him, but was stopped by him. "I'm still worried tonight, so I arranged a ward next door. You..."

"Ivan, what are you doing? Don't you know how important a ward is? No matter how you got it, I hope you won't be so childish. "


"I'm very busy. I don't need your concern. The hospital was safe. You can leave now. "

After saying that, Jane pushed him away and went straight into the ward.

As soon as she walked in, Lola looked at her deeply. "Are you talking with Ivan outside?"

"Yes, he left." Jane said with her head down.

All of a sudden, something occurred to Lola. She reached out her hand and motioned for Jane to come to her side. She asked in confusion, "Tell me, did you know Ivan before? If my guess is right, you not only know each other, but also have a good relationship? "

Jane pursed her lips, "Silly girl, what do you want to say?"

"Nothing. It suddenly occurred to me that you seemed to have one ex-boyfriend before. After the break-up, you were very sad and went abroad to study. It seemed that you had to break up with him because he had to pursue his dream. What a coincidence if I am right! "

Thinking of the fact that Ivan had known about her relationship with Jacob, and the abnormality of Ivan these days confirmed her thought more and more.

Jane didn't deny but said, "It's all over. Stop gossiping. "

"What? When I told you that I was done with Jacob. What did you say? Now you are hiding it from me. Don't you treat me as your best friend? " However, Lola was overjoyed in her heart. She didn't expect that Ivan was the person of Jane's first boyfriend.

She vaguely remembered that she had met that man before, but Ivan had changed a bit compared with him before.

"No, I just don't want to mention it. Lola, I don't want to talk about this man anymore. If

splashed red paint on her.

But Flora didn't think it was that simple.

"I will ask the police if there is any new clue. Anyway, we can't let him go! I will find out who is behind this."

"Forget it. I don't think there will be any result if you ask again. Instead, it will make the matter impossible to stop. Haven't you seen that the Internet has been searching for my gossips these two days? They all thought that I had done something wrong, so I had to go to the police station in public to prove myself. Just take him as a rabid fan and let it end. Flora, don't forget to make a statement. "


"Do as I said."

Lola soon returned home to have a rest, accompanied by Jane and Lily. They were afraid that she would be affected.

Seeing that someone cared about her, Lola felt warm.

Every time something happened, they would be there for her.

"How about we have fun tonight?" Said Lola with a smile.

Lily blinked, "You mean..."

Jane pinched Lola's nose dotingly. "What do you want?"

"It's my treat tonight in the bar. What do you think? May I have the honor of inviting you two? " It was not easy to take this opportunity to have a rest. It was better to go out and relax than to look at them at home.

Lily immediately shook her head, "No, Flora won't agree."

"Just don't let her know, okay?" Lola raised her eyebrows and smiled.

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