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   Chapter 110 How Miserable It Is

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6708

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"Celia, this is not something that Ivan can solve. Even I don't know how it happened. "

She shook her head in a trance and looked at herself in the mirror, full of bright red. She stood up and walked out.

When they arrived at the door, Lola said, "Ivan, open the door. Let me out."

"No, you can't go out. I promised I would take good care of you! Just stay here. I will drive them away. "

"Don't do useless work. It's useless. If they can't see me, they can't take satisfactory photos, and they can't catch the key to the problem. They won't let me go! "

Lola said dejectedly.

After what had happened just now, no one would help her. The media just wanted to dig up some explosive gossip of her!

"Celia, keep an eye on her. I'm here!"


Celia covered her with the clothes and said, "Don't be willful, okay? No one would want such a thing to happen! What can we do? The crew is in a mess. Don't make things worse. Just stay here! "

Celia shouted seriously. Lola fell into silence.

Celia called Ryan immediately.

Ryan was supposed to attend an important event, but he rushed back as soon as he got the news.

However, when he came back, everything was over.

Seeing that the whole crew was in panic, Ryan rushed to the lounge, but he couldn't find anyone.

He grabbed one of them and asked immediately, "Where are they?"

"The media? They left already. "

"I'm asking Lola. What about Lola? How is she? "

The man recalled what had just happened and was still in a daze, so he told Ryan.

At that time, when Ivan was in a stalemate with the media, Lola and Celia in the room had a small dispute too. Suddenly all the media seemed to have received calls and messages and were busy talking on the phone. In less than a minute, all the media retreated from the shooting set.

Ivan was still a little surprised. How did these people leave? Then he thought of something and immediately ran inside. "Lola. You... Are you okay? "


"Ivan, hurry up. We c

could control the situation at that time. Just do your job well. Go back with Flora. I will tell you if I need you. "

After Lola sent Flora and Lily away, Jane, Ryan, Ivan and Celia entered the ward.

Especially when Jane saw her pale face, her heart was broken.

"Damn it! Why did he do this to you. Call the police. We must catch that man! I believe there must be someone behind it! "

"Of course, someone must be jealous of my beauty." Lola said with a smile. She just didn't want Jane to worry about her.

But when Jane saw her like this, she felt more aching for Lola.

"We have called the police. According to the information given by Ivan, we will catch that person. Don't worry. Take a rest tomorrow and I will adjust the schedule. "

"Thank you Ryan," said Lola remorsefully.

"It's good that you are fine. I... All of us are worried about you. "

"Don't worry. Nothing happened. I don't want to be in hospital, but... "

"It's a good thing to be in hospital. You can be here. I'm here with you."

Jane insisted on staying with Lola for the whole night.

Not long after Ivan left with Celia and Ryan, Ivan returned and entered the ward again.

There was only Lola left in the room.

"Why are you back?"

"Oh... I left something here. " He looked around, picked up something casually and went out.

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