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   Chapter 109 Something Happened On the Shooting Set

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Jacob looked at him deeply and sighed, "Who knows if you are impulsive or not?"

"No, I really feel that she is far away from me now. When we were together, she was willing to talk to me, that poor boy. She wanted to be with me regardless of your family's objection. But I wanted more and wanted glory's career, so I had to only temporarily let her go. I have never thought of losing her forever. "

Lowering his head, Ivan said remorsefully.

It was rare for Jacob to see Ivan like this. It seemed that he hadn't had a good drink with Ivan for a long time.

When he learned that they had broken up, Jacob beat him up angrily and then had no contact with Ivan anymore.

As if they didn't know each other.

If it weren't for the fact that Ivan had become Lola's partner, they wouldn't have spoken like this again.

"If you had known what would happen today, you wouldn't have done that."

"Jacob, you too. You and I are in the same situation. "

"How can we be in the same situation? Lola and I are born enemies. You and Jane could get back together, but Lola and I are not that easy. "

Jacob frowned and took a big gulp, almost choking.

Ivan frowned "What's the different? We are the same"

"Forget it. Ivan, I will help you if you really want to get back Jane. But if it is just a fling, I will not spare you. "

Jacob raised his glass and looked at him meaningfully.

Ivan nodded "Okay, that's enough! We can help each other in the future. "

Hearing this, the corners of Jacob's mouth curved slightly. The two raised their glasses and clinked.

It was getting late.

Lola found that since that day, she could always see Jacob when she was shooting with Ivan.

Every time she went to see Jane, she happened to run into Ivan always.

This made her very confused.

The endorsement didn't end, but it became more and more intense. But she didn't want to announce it so soon, thinking that she should find a suitable time.

But Flora felt a little worried for holding it up.

On the shooting set, under the high temperature of about one hundred degr

o much? Is she your girlfriend? If you say she is your girlfriend, then we won't take the photo! "

Squinting his eyes, Ivan asked coldly, "Why are you so hard on me?"

"Don't make things difficult for us! We also need to live."

In the room, Lola was frightened.

She had never seen such a scene, trembling and absent-minded.

Celia looked at her worriedly and kept wiping with tissue, but it was useless at all.

"Lola, don't be like this. Don't scare me. Are you okay?"

"I... I don't know why the man came to me! What's going on? "

"We don't know what's going on. I just saw that Ivan had called the security guards to call the police, but now all the media are surrounding outside. How can we get out! You can't wait any longer! The paint is all over you. "

Celia's face turned pale with worry, and her heart hurt when she looked at Lola.

The red paint couldn't be wiped off on her face at all. At first, she thought it was blood or something, but it was confirmed that it was red painter after Celia wiped it over and over again.

Lola wiped her face and took a deep breath. "Forget it. We have to go out! Just let them take pictures. Anyway, they have just photographed it! "

"No way! If you go out like this, you might lose your reputation in the future. Those people were good to making stories! Let's wait a little longer. Ivan will help you solve it. "

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