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   Chapter 99 Pajama Party

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His face was incomparably stiff and cold, and his eyes looking at her were also cold.

Her face darkened. She pursed her lips and said, "Jacob, don't try to get anything from me. I won't tell you! It's my private affair. You don't need to know! "

"What if I have to know?"

The so-called Mr. D had tortured him for a period of time. He was eager to find out the man who invisibly surrounded her was!

"I won't say it. I don't care what you do. But don't bother Mrs. Rachel and her family. Now I'm back to develop my career. Don't cause any trouble to them! Otherwise, I won't spare you! "

"Well, let me tell you. I must know it. Even if it is not Eric, there must be another man. I don't believe I can't find him out. "

Taking a deep breath, Lola said helplessly, "So what if you know, then what? That man is just one of my friends who helped me. It's not what you think. "

"If you are just friends, why don't you hide it from me?"

Her eyes became obscure. She lowered her head, turned around and said softly, "You're meddling too much. I don't want to tell you anything about my private affairs."


"So what?" She turned around proudly and raised her head, without showing weakness.

"Okay, Lola. If you say so, I have nothing to say. Do you think I care about you? "

She bit her lips and said, "People who don't know might think that you are jealous and keep pushing away the people around me. Do you really fall in love with me?"

Lola raised her head and glared at the man, with inquiry and threat in her eyes.

"You... How could I be jealous? "

"I don't know how to explain your behavior except being jealous. You want to know who Mr. D is. Let me tell you, there is not only Mr. D, there are Mr. W, Mr. S and Mr. K in my phone as well. Do you want to find out one by one? "

Jacob stunned, "You... You have so many..."

"Yes. There are many. If you don't feel tired, you can find them out and confront with

sica said with a smile and walked towards Lola with Molly, and blocked the way.

Lola's face turned pale and she smiled awkwardly. "So, you are also here."

"Yes, Ellie invited us. Of course we would like to attend such an elegant and high-end ball."

Jessica smiled and held Molly's hand, "Molly, your dressing today is haute couture of SUMMER. You are so beautiful and fairy like."

With one hand holding Molly and the other pulling Lola who was about to leave, Jessica said quickly.

"Don't tease me. You are also beautiful and generous. This wine red dress is the most suitable for you. I won't look good in it. No one is more beautiful than you. Not everyone can have this kind of temperament. "Pursing her lips, Molly praised Jessica very seriously.

"This is the brand I endorse. It's specially customized for me. I didn't expect to wear it tonight. Ellie just came back to develop her career, so I should show my support. Therefore I can't wear too shabby clothes. " Jessica said meaningfully.

Frowning, Molly looked at Lola, who was hesitating to run away, and said, "Hey, Lola, why are you still wearing the trench coat? Take it off quickly. Let's go to dance."

"Yeah, why are you so shy? You must wear beautiful clothes. If you don't take off your clothes, we will help you!"

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