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   Chapter 97 Who Is The New Girlfriend And Who Is The Old Love

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Updated: 2020-05-19 00:23

"I won't go. If you want to go, bring her something for me."

Barry confused and asked, "Are you really not going? But Ellie said that she also invited... "

"What?" Seeing him hesitating, Jacob realized something and said gently, "It must be Lola. She invited Lola over as well."

"I think so. Lily just sent me a message and asked me if they should go. It seems that Lola has accepted the invitation. "

'If the three meet each other, it will be a big show.' Barry thought.

He was also curious about which side his BOSS would take?

New girlfriend and old lover?

But who was the new girlfriend and who was the old love?

Jacob narrowed his eyes and glanced at Barry sharply. "Then..."

Just then, the phone of Barry rang.

"Oh, it's Flora? She didn't show up when the accident happened. Why she calls now? "

With the approval of Jacob, Barry went out to answer the phone.

When he came back, Barry walked quickly to the side of Jacob and said breathlessly, "Mr. Jacob. Flora... "

"What's wrong with her?" Without even raising his head, Jacob asked softly.

"Flora said that she helped Lola get the endorsement of WINNER!"

Barry said in surprise and shock.

Jacob shocked by the shocking news as well. He stood up and asked, "What? Are you sure it's WINNER? "

"Yes, I have checked with her several times." Holding the phone in his hand, Barry said excitedly, "I've met WINNER before, but they always follow the European style and never use the spokesperson of Chinese American. I tried once but then gave up. WINNER is the top fashion brand in the world. Although NEVER is also high class, it still can't be compared with WINNER. Over the years, NEVER has been always overshadowed by WINNER. If Lola can really get the endorsement, it will be more influential than the NEVER! "

Surprised and pleased, Jacob smiled and asked, "Flora? How did she get it? As you said, she didn't use the company's connections, which means... Barry, call Flora here right now! "


out of misfortune. Although it's not so above board. " She smiled bitterly.

Flora said, "In fact, you don't have to belittle yourself. The reason why you succeed this time is because of your previous influence abroad. They see you as a famous and potential star overseas. It won't be that easy to get endorsement of WINNER without your influence.

"I know. You have tried your best."

"My hard work is to show your good, your hard work and your achievements in front of everyone."

Looking at the woman beside her, Lola gradually showed her cutting edge. She smiled and said, "Very soon, I will be with her side by side. In the future, I will be more successful than her! Do you believe me, Flora? "

Flora looked at her, the burning eyes, shining with a different light made people unable to look away.

"I believe in you."

The two of them left the airport hand in hand. When they walked out of the airport, they met Jacob who had just rushed over. He strode down and came to her. "Get in the car, Miss Lola. I'm here to pick you up."

Surprised, Lola looked around and said, "No, thanks. We're driving."

"If you don't want to be recognized, I advise you to get in the car as soon as possible. I know where you are going. I'll drive you there! " The gentle but powerful voice of Jacob made her raise her eyebrows.

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