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   Chapter 92 Love Well, Whip Well

Requited Love: Rise Like A Phoenix By Moonlight Characters: 6794

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Shocked, Lola shook her head. "Your reason is far-fetched!"

"That's my reason. Otherwise, what else can it be?" He asked back, staring at her red face with burning eyes.

"Who knows what you are thinking! Get out of here, or I'll call the police. "

He sat upright overbearingly, not affected by her at all. He smiled complacently, "Okay, you can call the police."

"What?" She looked at the man in surprise. Wasn't he afraid of threat?

"If you are not afraid that the public will know that you hide a man at home, just call the police." He looked at her calmly and raised his eyebrows proudly.


How could she let others know that Jacob had broken in? Wasn't it a headline again?

Lola rolled her eyes and felt aggrieved. She didn't expect that he would have such plan!

"What about you? Aren't you afraid that others will know that you sneaked into the female star's house at midnight?"

He raised the corners of his mouth evilly. "Who said that I sneaked in? I would like to say that you opened the door and welcomed me. People will believe it."

"I got it. You are trying to slander me on purpose, right? "

"If you behave yourself and don't call the police, everything will be fine."

"Don't go too far, Jacob." She said through gritted teeth.

He raised his head and looked at her in deep eyes. "It's you who have gone too far. You beat me like this, and you even called the police to arrest me. I'm just a neighbor who comes to visit."

"Neighbor? Come around and visit? Who on earth would sneak in like you? " She couldn't understand what he was doing!

Just then, the doorbell rang. Someone shouted outside, "Miss Lola!"


She called the property management security!

Thinking of this, her heart skipped a beat. She pushed Jacob to the balcony. "That's enough. You leave now! You can't be seen here! "

"I won't leave. I haven't got even with you for beating me yet." You can deal with the trouble first and we can talk about it later. "

He sat on the sofa with a complace

nd? Do you become silly after hitting you? " She pressed his wound hard and He frowned in pain.

"In fact, I didn't say anything wrong. We have a real marriage. Besides me, who else is your husband? "

"Nonsense! I don't know what you are talking about! "

Her heart was beating so fast that she really didn't want to listen to him anymore. If she listened to him again, she really didn't know if her heart would jump out.

How could he flirt with her like this?

"Ouch. You are too rude. " He frowned and endured her touch because of nervousness.

His words were so ambiguous that she thought of something and her face turned red.

All of a sudden, she threw the thing away and said dejectedly, "I don't want to help you. Just go to hell!"

"Just leave me alone. I've been beaten so badly that I don't have the strength to go back. Then I'll go out from the door. What if someone sees me?"

"Enough! You... " She clenched her teeth. It was late at night. If he ran into someone, she really couldn't explain.

"Why did you come here? What do you want to do when I'm asleep? " She asked with her eyes wide open.

It was obvious that he thought she was sleeping on the bed when he came in just now.

Jacob looked at her deeply with his deep eyes shining. He raised his eyebrows proudly and smiled, "Of course I want to do something."

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