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   Chapter 91 Rapist

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She shook her head guiltily, "What love? Don't talk nonsense. How could I give in. Ellie means that I stole hers "

"She is too conceited. Not to mention that she left without saying a word and how excessive her dream of pursuing being a star was back then, she still had the face to come to you now! You and Jacob should love each other and make her angry. "

"I don't have that thought. Now I just want to work hard and develop my career. "

"Well, I know you're determined to succeed, but I'm looking forward to seeing that you have the courage to pursue love again when you succeed."

"Stop! How could I possibly fall in love with him again? I have a lot of men around me now. Ryan, Ivan, and many young handsome men, all of whom are as good as him. "

Raising her eyebrows, Jane shut her mouth and didn't go on.

"You have finished shooting, right? "

"It's not that easy. I just don't have shooting these days. I'm going back to work soon. But the following scenes will be shot in this city. I don't have to fly around. "

"I see."

"By the way, recently, I saw a person from your magazine always against me. Help me check what's going on."

"Give me the information. I'll reply to you as soon as I find it."

Jane personally cooked a dinner for Lola. The two girls chatted while eating. Soon it was getting dark.

Originally, Lola wanted to have Jane stay, but Jane was in a hurry to go back and work on a draft all night. If it weren't for Jacob's call she would have done it!

Lola didn't let her stay any longer, but when Jane left, the room was empty.

She felt empty in her heart too.

The night sky outside was covered with dark clouds, as if a storm was coming.

She turned off all the lights, but only the salt lamp was lit up.

In the daytime, it was simple and heavy, exuding a strong natural aura and ancient mysterious charm. At night, it became a magician that created a warm atmosphere. It was a pure white crystal ore, giving off soft and quiet light, and the red light became a master of romance. It was lit up, and the romantic atmosphere surrounding it was endless.

She seemed to be back to the night when she received the gi

it? How do you know? " She just came back from abroad and Flora rented the apartment for her.

Jacob directly sat on the sofa and said in an evil and attractive voice, "Of course I know, because I am the owner of this house."


She shouted in shock.

He... How could he be the owner?

Lola immediately shook her head, "If you were the owner, I would move out!"

"You can move out now, Lola. But you have to think it over. Wherever you go, I have the ability to buy it!"

"You... Are you targeting me on purpose? You came to me in the middle of the night to strangle me when I was asleep. You are satisfied! "

She frowned and said.

It suddenly occurred to her that several times before, he always sneaked into her room without being noticed. He didn't have the key and didn't know how to leave.

Did he pass through the balcony?

Lola ran to the balcony and looked around. She happened to see that the light in the next room was on and it was the same as her salt lamp.

She rushed back angrily and turned on the light in her room.

"What are you doing? It turns out that you have moved to the next room! " She was even more confused and couldn't figure out what his behavior meant.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Jacob said calmly, "Yes, I think this complex is very good. Since you don't want to move back, in order to make Grandma rest assured and find you at any time, I have to move in and close to you."

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