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   Chapter 87 Dead In My Heart

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Jacob shook his head helplessly, and then cleaned her wound carefully. He lowered his head and looked carefully, which stunned Lola.

He... His hand seemed to have magic power. When he touched her ankle, there was a current immediately, limping and numbing her whole body.

Lola blushed and shook her head awkwardly. She couldn't help having feelings for him!

"Jacob, why do you suddenly change your attitude? You are so kind to me. Don't let me misunderstand you again. Give me an illusion. That's how you were at that time. I misunderstood that you also had feelings for me, so I made a big mistake! It sucks that you are kind to everyone! "

"Do you think I'm kind to everyone?" The man's cold voice made Lola frown.

If he was, but he didn't treat Jessica well. If he was not, he always gave her the illusion.

"Otherwise... What are you doing now? You came to my house, made breakfast for me, applied medicine for me, and hugged and kissed me all the time. What's all this about? What do you mean by doing this to your ex-wife, Jacob? "

He lowered his head, stroked her legs with his big hand, and whispered, "Who said you are my ex-wife?"

"Well, what do you mean? Not your ex-wife? Do you mean that I am not even your ex-wife? " Lola frowned and looked terrible. When she was about to get to the bottom of it, her phone suddenly rang.

Since the phone was still in the bedroom, it rang loudly. Jacob looked at her and said, "Don't move. I'll go get it. "

She was stunned.

This man really brought her phone!

It was totally unimaginable in the past! Why did he so obedient now? Even obedient like a loyal dog?

No, no. This is not Jacob!

She couldn't get rid of him, both pushing and scolding could not drive him away. And now he even ran errands for her?

The sun rose in the West!

But when Jacob went to the bedroom and saw the name on the phone, he hung up the phone naturally.

He walked back to her and handed her the phone. "It hung up."

Lola took the pho

You know, you haven't given me the key yet. "

Lola frowned and said with hesitation, "Of course I know. I don't know what he is doing. It's impossible for him to bribe the man who helped us changed the lock."

Flora shook her head and sighed, "It seems that he really attaches to you. Lola, I'm very worried. I'm worried that you will be hurt by him again. Jacob is smart and always gets his way to do anything he wants. I'm afraid you have nowhere to hide from him. "

Lola pouted with dissatisfaction. "Are you kidding? You said like I'm a loser. Now I'm different from what I was two years ago. I won't be hurt again! Now I'm fine to piss him off. Didn't you see that I just made him angry and left in a huff? "

But in Flora's eyes, Lola was a paper tiger.

What she said was better than anyone else, but in fact, she was made of paper!

"Don't deceive yourself."

'What Flora said was exactly the same as what Jacob said?'

"Don't boost others' morale. Destroy my power!" Lola rolled her eyes. It was not until she sat down that Flora found that her leg was injured.

She sighed.

"Fortunately, You don't have to work today. You'd better stay at home quietly and don't make any trouble again."

"No, I have to go out today."

"What else do you want to do?"

"I have an appointment," said Lola seriously.

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