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   Chapter 83 Welcome Back

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"What are you doing?" Jacob held Lola in his arms naturally and looked at Jessica.

Dissatisfied, Jessica stepped forward to separate them and said to Jacob, "She has gone too far. She deliberately embarrassed me today! Jacob, look at her. She is still pretending to be pitiful and sympathizing, but she is the most hateful and scheming person! "

"She went too far? Didn't you steal her endorsement? Now she has a better one and you are dissatisfied with her again. " Said Jacob lightly.

"I... I didn't steal it from her at all. They came to me. Or maybe it was her plan. She wanted to take this one away, so she deliberately threw the previous one to me. It must be like this. I'm more popular than her, better at acting, and more famous than her. There's no reason that they don't choose me. Just choose her. "

Jacob sneered and shook his head. "Jessica, if you think so, then I have nothing to say."

"Come on, I'm not that good and I don't have so many tricks either. But you have such good imagination. It's difficult for you to think of these."

People around them were whispering when they saw the scene.

What was going on? The three people's relationship was a little weird.

There were too many people at the backstage. Lola didn't want to argue with Jessica here, so she turned around and left.

Jessica still didn't let go of her hand. Suddenly, she gave Lola a hard push. Before Jacob could see clearly what was going on, Lola fell straight down.

Jacob's eyes darkened. He bent over and picked her up. "What's wrong?"

Flora hurried to hold Lola and said anxiously, "She's not feeling well. She'll be fine after a rest."

Seeing that things were getting more interesting, the people beside them quickly took out their mobile phones to shoot, and some of them even started to stream.

It was known to all that many netizens wanted to see such a backstage quarrel!

"Enough! Lola, stop pretending! " Jessica shouted in astonishment and sneered, "Is it necessary to be so weak and pitiful? It's so easy to push you away? Are you made of paper? You

or him, he was willing to bear everything she gave him.

Shaking her head, Lola said weakly, "I won't go to the hospital. I won't go! If you force me to go, I will... "

Jacob didn't know why she was so stubborn. He spoke to her patiently and quickened his pace.

The onlookers looked at their intimacy in confusion and couldn't help but think about it.

Jacob had never been surprised by others' opinions, let alone pay attention to them at this moment.

When he just walked out of the door, he suddenly saw a woman walking towards him. With Lola in his arms, he stopped and stiffened.

The woman's face was ruddy, and she wore a long creamy white dress. She was elegant and beautiful, and the dimples at the corners of her mouth were revealed. She looked at the man in surprise and said, "Jacob, what a coincidence!"

As she looked down, she noticed the woman in Jacob's arms. She raised her eyebrows and said, "She... Why are you holding her? "

Jacob held her tighter and said, "She's not feeling well. I'll take her first to the hospital."

"Jacob, aren't you happy to see me?"

"Ellie, welcome back. But I'm very busy now. Let's talk about the old days another day."

The man said gently, but his words still alarmed the woman in his arms.

She raised her head with difficulty and saw the face with blurred eyes. Her body was cold and her face was even paler.

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