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   Chapter 82 An Unexpected Incident

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"BOSS, I have hired a cook next door. From tonight on, as long as Lola comes back, a bowl of tonic soup will be sent here. It was said that Lola had a serious illness abroad and was not in good health. You are so busy now. But you are so considerate that you can come up with this idea. I have also ask Lily to specially study the knowledge of nutrition and health care to help Lola to have a better health. "

A few days ago, when they went to the set and knew about it, Jacob thought about it for a long time before he could figure out the solution and smiled again.

In fact, Barry didn't understand why his boss suddenly cared so much about Lola's health?

It seemed that he was afraid that she would not be able to give birth to a baby. 'Well, I think too much.

He must be worried about her and love her.'

"Okay." The man nodded slightly

"Besides, I'll change the clothes in the wardrobe every day. I won't let Lola wear the same clothes."

"That thing has been done. It will be announced today if no accident. Lola must be very happy. "

"She came back ahead of time?"

"Who?" Asked Jacob, frowning, while he put on his clothes.

Barry leaned over and whispered a name in his ear.

Jacob's eyes darkened and sighed, "It's good to come back. Solve it as soon as possible."

Noticing that Lola didn't look well and worried that she hadn't gotten over the jet lag, Lily was about to say something when Flora came in. Flora walked to Lola, looked at her face and took out a bottle of medicine from her bag.

Then he poured glass of water for Lola. Lola took it and ate it naturally.

"It's okay. I'm having my period."

What worried Flora most was that her body couldn't support her dream.

But she insisted. And Flora had seen how desperate she was, so Flora never said anything.

"I'll cancel the interview if you don't want to."

Lola didn't say anything. She just shook her head, and Flora knew what she was thinking.

Lola grabbed Flora and whispered, "Keep an eye on Lily. Don't let her get too close to Barry. I really suspect that there is a traitor. "

Flora shook her head with a guilty conscience. "No, we won't

of this brand!

She looked at Flora subconsciously, and Flora shook her head.

The director walked towards her with a smile. "We have signed a contract with your company. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation next."

"Uh, A pleasant cooperation. It's my honor to receive your invitation. "

The contract had already been signed?

So it must be Barry who did it.

This was huge.

All of a sudden, it occurred to Lola that the endorsement that was snatched away by Jessica. After all, these two endorsement were of the same type. Only one could be spokesperson for one brand.

One was taken away by Jessica, but she got a better one.

Was it really a coincidence?

Confused, Lola raised her head with a smile and suddenly her sight met with a man off the stage.

They looked at each other and seemed to understand something.

As soon as Lola stepped down the stage, Jessica grabbed her arm fiercely and said angrily, "You have already planned it, haven't you?"

"What are you talking about? Aren't you going to take away my spokesperson? If you didn't take it away. I don't have the chance to get such good resources. I have to thank you. "

Lola felt a headache and had no desire to fight. She pushed away Jessica and was about to leave.

How could Jessica be reconciled? She angrily chased after Lola.

Lola left in a hurry and was entangled by Jessica. In a panic, Lola fell into a broad and warm embrace.

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