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   Chapter 81 Kicked Off The Bed

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Lola's face was burning as if she had a fever. Standing in front of him, she was a little nervous.

"As you said, it was in the past. No one would remember what happened a long time ago. But why did you decide for me without my consent? Mr. Jacob, have you forgotten that we have nothing to do with each other? "

"You are the staff of MY Group now. It's a piece of cake to arrange a place for you. Do you need to be so nervous? " The man raised his eyes and sneered, as if he didn't care about it at all.

She frowned, "You always have a lot of reasons. You just need to remember that we are over. "

"If you remember correctly, I dumped you. As long as you haven't forgotten it... I don't need to remember. "

"I didn't forget! You don't have to emphasize, Jacob. You want to divorce me for the sake of Ellie, don't you? She's coming back, so why are you still here? Why don't you go back and wait for Ellie? Why do you always come to me? "

Said Lola coldly. Her face changed dramatically as if she was going to explode all of a sudden.

He narrowed his eyes and looked up at the woman with a malicious expression. He sneered and said, "Why are you so nervous? It's none of your business that she's back, isn't it? Didn't you say that we were over? Then you don't care what happened between me and her, do you? "

"Yes, I don't care at all. But please remember, from now on, please don't come here casually! "

She walked into the bedroom and slammed the door.

She was annoyed.

When she was in New Zealand, she heard from Jane that Ellie would come back to attend a major award ceremony a month later.

Ellie was the woman who had an important impact on her marriage.

She didn't want to hear, think, and see the person again.

She even didn't know what would happen to him if Ellie came back... He wouldn't pester her anymore, right?

Seeing that Lola entered the bedroom, he stood up unhurriedly, walked to the window and slowly opened the door beside the balcony...

Ten minutes later, Lola walk

even weirder.

Where did he get the pajamas? Did he leave something here?

"Wash yourself quickly and get ready for breakfast. Don't you have an activity to attend today? "

Lola was a little surprised. Seeing him walk out of the bedroom, she followed him out and saw him walk into the kitchen directly... Breakfast seemed to be ready in the kitchen.


"Why are you still standing there? Go ahead. "

He smiled and treated her like a host.

Lola was in a trance. Even when she sat down to have breakfast, she didn't react.

In her memory, they had a fight last night, hadn't they?

It seemed unhappy.

Lola felt that she didn't know much about this man's thoughts from beginning to end. She used to think that she knew him very well, but now it seemed that he was elusive.

Not in the mood to inquire about his real situation, Lola was ready to go out, so she kicked him out.

However, when Lily came to pick her up, she got on the car and turned around, not knowing where Jacob was.

"Let's go."

"But Mr. Jacob..."

"Don't you think it's enough? Lily, you and Barry are a perfect match. Why do you like to live on me while helping others secretly? "

Lily blushed, "I didn't..."

"Stop talking. Hurry up, I need to have a haircut. Flora is coming soon. We have something to talk about. "

The car drove away.

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