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   Chapter 78 You Are A Fool

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She stayed in the hospital for a night. While having the intravenous drip, Lola seemed to have a dream in her sleep.

She dreamed that Jacob came to see her.

He held her hand affectionately and ordered in his domineering voice, "Lola, get better. How could such a small illness break you down? Don't think that I don't know you are pretending to be weak to deceive my sympathy, right? "

Her hands felt warm, but she couldn't see anything in the darkness. Instead, she was more confused.

"Remember, if you fall down, I will laugh happily. Are you still willing to give up? "

"Lola, you are a fool."

Early in the morning, when she opened her eyes, there was no one there. She felt that she was dreaming.

Why did she dream of him?

On the other side, Ryan didn't tell Lola what he had found out. Instead, he went to find Ivan.

Later, on microblog, Ivan made a statement that he and Lola were good friends and hoped that his fans could clearly support their cooperation.

Lola knew what had happened then and didn't look into it anymore. However, Ivan was more grateful to her.

When they returned to their original apartment, both Lola and Lily were stunned at the door.

The room was totally new. Not only was the thing that had been moved to Jacob taken back, but there seemed to be some more.

"What happened? We just left for half a month. Is that Flora? "

"Flora hasn't come back yet. It's not me! " Lily said innocently.

All of a sudden, Lola thought of a person and immediately dialed the number. As expected, Barry admitted it.

"Yes. Didn't you ask me to help you move before you left? I bought some by the way. If you need anything, just tell me. "

Anyway, someone would pay the bill.

Barry looked at the man sitting opposite, who was eating calmly.

"I don't think it's appropriate."

"Why not? Just take it as a reward for you to make money for me. As a boss, can't I give employee benefits? "

"Well, as you like. But... " Lo

t want to cause her any trouble during that period of time. He just wanted to hold his accountable after the heat of the incident was fading.

However, it couldn't wait any longer.

"I just want you to be mentally prepared. You just pretend that you don't know anything. Don't get yourself into trouble. "

This was what Jacob had said. He just told her.

"Don't worry. I know what to do. We'll go to New Zealand tomorrow. It will take at least a week. I hope Danny will be in jail when I come back! "

She had never seen Jacob again, knowing that he was deliberately hiding from her.

But she didn't care at all. She just wanted to finish her TV series well and let him see how good she was now!

But on the second day after she flew to New Zealand, Flora came to her and brought her a message.

"They have divorced."

Lola was reciting the lines. The script fell to the ground and her body stiffened.

"What is he doing?"

Flora lowered her head and said, "He wants me to tell you that after he handles the distribution of property, he will..."

"Please tell him that I'm fine now. Whatever he does has nothing to do with me. If he wants to divorce with Kate, then just divorce. The matter between the two of them has nothing to do with me! If you have nothing else to do, you can go back home! "

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