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   Chapter 75 You Care About Me So Much

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Ryan looked at the crowd and said, "Our staff are tired. Let's go back to rest and start working tomorrow morning."

Lola immediately put down her midnight snack and stood up. "Then I'll go back first. Lily, let's go. "

After they left in a hurry, Ryan, Ivan and Celia looked at each other and knew what was going on. They left soon.

Lola quickly got on the elevator and went to the room of Jacob with Lily.

Lily knocked on the door, "Why nobody open the door? Is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing serious. Don't panic."

This time Jacob didn't have Barry by his side. He was alone. He didn't answer the phone or open the door.

In fact, Lola was more anxious than anyone else, but she still comforted Lily.

She immediately asked Lily to go to the front desk and call someone to open the door. Because she was worried about the safety of the people inside. Then the waiter opened the door.

But she saw the man lying on the bed safe and sound.

Then she felt relieved.

After the waiter left, Lola said to Lily, "Why does he sleep so soundly?"

Lily was also confused. She walked in and said, "Ah, Lola, look at Mr. Jacob. He looks strange!"

She leaned over and found that Jacob's face was very red and had a server fewer.

When he heard their voices, he opened his eyes in a daze. "It's so noisy..."

She put her cold hand on his and said, "You have a fever."

Jacob managed to sit straight, "A fever? How could it be possible? I have always been in good health. Jacob coughed.

Lola thought that he hadn't had a good rest these days and couldn't sleep well at night. After sleeping for a few hours, he got up to deal with work, so his immunity naturally decreased.

Besides, he had experienced what happened during the day. It would be strange if he didn't fall ill.

"Lola, there is medicine in my room. I'll go get it!" Then Lily ran away.

When Lola turned around, he grabbed her hand and said, "Hey, you said I'm sick. Why are you still leaving?"

She said helplessly, "I'll get you a glass of hot water. Let go of me!" She stared at his hand and snapped.

He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, released his hand, leaned back and looked at her back.

In fact, it was good to be sick.

As soon as Ivan, Ryan and Celia entered the ro

he was about to leave the room with Lily, she saw Jessica and her assistant, Candy, standing at the door.

"You. Why are you two in Jacob's room? " Jessica was shocked.

One was fine, but why were there two women?

How could Lola know what Jessica was thinking about? She rolled her eyes and said, "Get out of the way. A good dog won't block the way."

"You. I'm going to tell others that you and your assistant spent the night in Jacob's room to expose your scandal! "

"Okay, go ahead. I won't stop you. " Lola shrugged. She said with a smile

Jessica took a look at Jacob and left angrily.

Lily, on the other hand, was very anxious. She was afraid that Jessica would discredit Lola, but she was called over by Jacob and said something.

With doubt, Lily went out and found Jessica. Seeing that Jessica was about to send a message to someone else, Lily said, "In fact, I stayed there with Lola last night, because Mr. Jacob is not in good health and needs to be taken care of. But I don't know what happened inside. It's okay if you want to explode. We don't care anyway. If you expose their relationship, they don't have to hide anymore. "

"What did you say? They... " Jessica's eyes widened in disbelief.

"I think nothing happened yet. But once your news is released, even if they don't get together, they will be hyped to be together by the media. Then thank you in advance. "

Seeing the expression on Jessica's face, Lily finally believed what Jacob said.

Sure enough, Mr. Jacob was so smart.

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