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   Chapter 71 Don't Leave Tonight

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"What are you doing... I'm leaving now... " She swallowed deeply.

His aura was too strong.

"You promised me that you wouldn't go to see him again."

Knowing that the person he referred to was Ryan, Lola said in surprise, "You're too nosy. He's a director. I'll definitely look for him a lot of times in the future. Don't forget that even you have to listen to him. But you just hit the director... I have never seen such a capricious and arrogant actor. "

She pouted and thought that if he was not Jacob, he would have died at this time.

"Don't you know why I hit him? Can you behave yourself? You are an actress, a star. How can you be so close to the director? He wants... "

Frowning, Lola asked in confusion, "What are you talking about? "

"He approaches you with bad intentions. He is so close to you because he just wants to take advantage of you! You silly girl, be cautious! "

She suddenly understood and said, "That's enough. Ryan helps me blow my eyes. There is sand in my eyes, okay? "

'Blow your eyes?'

Jacob's eyes lit up, "Really? "

"Of course..." What was in his mind! What did he think they were doing?

She raised her eyebrows and smiled. Suddenly, she said, "Even if we want to kiss, we won't do it in public. It's in the open air. We will do it secretly... Hmm... "

Before she could react, one of her arms was pulled over and directly threw into his arms.

He put his arms around her waist and kissed her deeply to stop her from saying anything.

"Hmm..." She punched the man on the chest, but it didn't work at all.

Jacob took her breath aggressively, passing on his heat, and she could feel such heat through their tightly attached body.


The woman groaned. She was surprised. How could she make such a sound!

Jacob let go of her with satisfaction and smiled complacently. "This is the right way to kiss. You're so young. Who else can teach you kiss except me? "

"Nonsense!" She wiped her mouth and said, "You're not the only one! There are cou

play tricks on you? You came to my room by yourself, didn't you? I just told Lily before. Even if you don't come to me, I have many ways to get you here. "

The two people fell on the bed at the same time. The man held her more overbearingly and rolled on the bed.

"Stop it, okay? It will be terrible if others know that I'm here with you. "

"Didn't you think of this when you came to me? Now, it's too late. Besides, it's okay if you don't go out now. What if you are met by the paparazzi when you go out? "

Lola frowned. It was really difficult to deal with.

"So... Don't move... " He smelled the delicate and charming scent of her body and couldn't help asking, "What kind of perfume is this? "

"Lady perfume? If you like it, I can give it to you! " Lola curled her lips. How could he like such a woman's perfume? It's not masculine at all!

Jacob smiled and whispered in her ear, "I like the smell you sprayed. On your body... It smells good... "

'Damn it! This man is so good at flirting now!'

Lola's face was very hot as if she had a fever. She took a deep breath and said, "I... I don't like it... "

"Then I'll buy you other kinds in the future... I remember that there is a kind of perfume which smells very sexy... Let's have a try? "

Lola's body trembled and she felt that her heart was about to jump out.

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