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   Chapter 65 I'll Take You to Fly Tonight

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Jessica's seemingly kind reminder made Jacob silent for a long time.

It was Barry who couldn't stand it finally that he dragged Jessica away.

At last, Jacob stayed in the room for half an hour and made a decision. Then he told Barry, who was shocked.

But soon he understood what he meant and arranged it alone.

After signing the contract, Lola took Flora and Lily to have dinner, and even called up Jane to celebrate it.

"What are you going to do? Are you moving out? " Jane asked in a low voice.

As the Flora and Lily were singing, they didn't notice the conversation between them.

"It must be moved out. I want to go back to my original apartment, or what? We can't keep this state all the time? Jane, we have divorced already. "

Her serious expression made Jane realize her determination.

"Well, I think everything is destined. It's not a big deal. " Jane smiled.

"After the opening ceremony tomorrow, we are going to stay with the filming team. The first place will be half a month. At least half a month I don't have to face him." Lola smiled complacently. He should have forgotten her in half a month.

Don't make trouble for me.

Jane couldn't deny it.

After a long while, Lola drank a few glasses of wine happily and hung herself on Jane's shoulder. "Go to my place tonight. I want to sleep with you."

"Silly girl, your place is still empty now, right?"

Frowning, Lola seemed to remember something with her blurred eyes. "Yes, I forgot to ask Barry to move back for me. It doesn't matter. I'll go to your place. You will take me in, won't you? "

Jane said helplessly, "I don't know if you really forget it or you just keep your heart there on purpose."

"HMM... What did you say? " Lola raised her head and asked in confusion.

Jane had no choice but to take her out of the door. When she was about to say goodbye to Flora and Lily, a car suddenly came over, and Barry took the lead to get out of the car.

Holding Lola's arm, Jane asked in confusion, "Why are you here?"

With a smug smile, Barry said, "Of course I have a spy. But come on, I was not even invited to have a share in the dinner." He said softly, "It is okay if you don't invite BOSS. How can you not have me? I'm going to be angry."

ainst his arms and drank it obediently.

He held her from behind and put her head on his shoulder. "Why did you drink so much today?"

"I'm so happy..." She seemed to be struggling with the real herself, but she couldn't get rid of the drunken herself. She talked to him like chatting.

Maybe she didn't know whom she was talking to at all, but she needed someone to listen to her.

"Finally, everything is settled. I can focus on shooting now. Others don't like me and think I'm a vase. I want to prove to them that I won't lose to anyone. "

"Who says you are a vase?"

"Many people... What happened abroad almost ruined my career. Now that I'm back, I have no way back. I must succeed. "

"Oh? What happened? Why do you have to succeed? "

Jacob raised his eyebrows, but in his heart, he was thinking that she looked strong, but deep down, she was still the self abased and insecure girl.

She covered her eyes and said softly, "I want him to... Want him to see. "

"Who?" He held her hand nervously, his heart beating fast.

"He is... Forget it. I want him to see by himself how good and powerful I am. I want to stand in that position... "

With a cold light in Jacob's deep eyes, the name "Mr. D" appeared in his mind. Did what happened to her abroad have anything to do with Mr. D?

So she wanted Mr. D to see?

What happened to them.

When he came to his senses, Lola had already fallen asleep.

Jacob put her down gently, walked to the balcony and lit a cigarette.

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