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   Chapter 64 You Are Rich, You Can Do Whatever You Like

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After getting in the car, Lola sat beside Jacob. She looked at the man out of the corner of her eyes and asked tentatively, "Are you going to see the crew? The shooting is going to start up. There should be no change in the investment, right? "

Before Jacob could say anything, Barry said, "Yes, but Boss has the right to decide the heroine. It is afraid that our BOSS has his own heroine in his heart. As long as he said a word, the actress could be replaced immediately. Lola, aren't you going to sign the contract soon? BOSS is here. Say something nice. "

"Shut up! Drive your car!" Jacob stared at Barry harshly.

Lola surprised and thought he wouldn't go so far to interfere. How could he do such a thankless thing?

Would he really get her replaced?

"Oh, do you want to use Molly? Or Dorothy? Or Shirley, or Jessica? Do you want to replace me and let your favored ones go up? Well, you can do that. I'll tell Grandma that you bullied me for another woman! "

"How dare you?"

"If you dare to change me, I dare to complain." She raised her eyebrows complacently. Everyone had a backer. Grandma was her greatest supporter.

Jacob narrowed his eyes and looked at her deeply. "It depends on your performance."

"What performance?" She asked in astonishment.

"Don't move. You don't need to move!" Barry cut in.

But Jacob did not refute.

Lola rolled her eyes at him. Could what Barry said represent Jacob?

"BOSS, is that so?" She called Jacob BOSS, same as Barry did.

She didn't say anything wrong. Since signed the contract with MY Group, Jacob had already become BOSS to her.

Should she consider treating him well, at least not letting him make trouble for her.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and Jacob frowned. "Whether you move or not has nothing to do with me, but you have to know that Grandma said that we should send her video. If we are separated for too long, I'm afraid it's easy to expose."

This was also a problem.

She needed to think about how to solve it.

"Then I'll listen to you whatever you say? BOSS. " Lola rai

you are here. I'm looking for you."

How did she come here?

Jacob and Barry looked at each other and asked in silence.

"What can I do for you, Jessica?" asked Barry.

"It's none of your business. Anyway, you can't make a decision. I'm here to ask Jacob. Do you really want to watch Lola play that role? Don't you think I'm more suitable for the part? "

"Jessica, why do you have to compete with her?"

"Why should I compete with her? Jacob, think it over. You hate her so much. Do you want to see her become famous? Don't forget how insidious she was. She had an unspeakable relationship with Ryan two years ago! Now, she even colluded with Ryan. I could have ignored it. But I really can't stand it. She's not worth it "

"Stop talking, Jessica." Seeing that Jacob didn't look well, Barry stopped her in a hurry.

"What did I say wrong? Fiona has already been driven away by her. Do you want to drive me away too? I have never taken her seriously. Now she is not worth mentioning in my eyes, but I want to remind you, Jacob. If she does something out of line and has an affair with Ryan, it will affect you. "

"What can happen? Do you have any evidence?"

"Not yet, but she will stay in the crew for a long time. I'm afraid that she is not alone while reading the script! Jacob, it's not too late to replace her now. As for me, I don't have to be the heroine! "

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