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   Chapter 62 A Full Play

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It never occurred to Jacob that she would be so honest that she dared to admit it.

He had known about it before he came back. He was about to question her, but she confessed her position so frankly and sincerely.

When he was about to refute her, Mrs. Gu nodded with satisfaction and said, "Okay! Now I can finally rest assured. Louisa has really grown up. She can take good care of herself without others' protection. "

Hearing her grandma's words, Lola felt even sad. She thought that her grandma had taken care of her and protect her since childhood.

"From now on, it's Louisa's turn to take care of Grandma." She leaned against Mrs. Gu and said softly.

Seeing his grandmother and Lola hugging each other tightly, there were complex feelings in Jacob's heart.

After a while, the two of them went back to their room.

It had been a few days since Jacob came back. The air around him was so cold that Lola couldn't stand it.

She didn't offend him. Why did he have a long face? For whom?

"I'm going to shoot a new play after seeing Grandma off tomorrow. I hope you won't stop me. "

Jacob squinted his eyes and sensed the meaning of her words. He said word by word, "It is Barry who told you, right?"

"Even he thought you did something wrong. Don't you reflect on yourself?"

Lola knew she had betrayed Barry because she sold him out. But after all, he was Jacob's man.

In the internal strife, she would take the advantages.

"He was bewitched by you."

Said Jacob in a cold voice. Barry was a fan of Lola. Yes, a big fan.

"Thank you for praising me."

Jacob was already full of anger. He seemed to be irritated when he heard what she said on purpose. He grabbed her wrist and her hand turned red. "Aren't Ryan and Mr. D enough for you? Now you even put your hand to my man? How many men are enough for you? "

With her eyes wide open, Lola was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. She glared at him and asked, "What are you talking about? Watch your mouth! "

"If you hadn't had an affair with Ryan, no one else would have found fault with you! If you had behaved yourself, you wouldn't have suf

o be set in the afternoon. Ask Lily to come here... Forget it. Never mind. "

It was more reliable to leave the matter of moving to Barry.

In the dead of night, the Gu family fell into darkness, only the light in one bedroom on the second floor was still on. Thinking of the inexplicable dispute with Jacob just now, Lola frowned and thought while drying her hair. As a result, her hair was wrapped into the hair dryer. She groaned in pain.

Seeing this, the man who was reading on the bed immediately got out of bed, grabbed the hair dryer in her hand and held her. "Sit well."

She looked at him in astonishment. What was he going to do in such a weird scene?

The next moment, he sat behind her, gently lifted her hair and blew it slowly.

Lola was dumbfounded.

She even began to doubt if he was in his period and why his moods were so unpredictable.

The hot wind blew on her neck, itching and hot, making her uneasy.

In the ambiguous air, there was only the sound of dryer, but Lola could even clearly hear her own heartbeat.

Bang! Bang! Bang.

It turned out to be faster.

"……" She seemed to say something while hair dryer was working.

"What did you say?"

Jacob turned off the hair dryer and became silent. Then he asked, "Do you like kids?"

Lola was shocked and felt that the blood all over her body froze. She suddenly looked back at him.

Why did he say that? Did he know something?

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