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   Chapter 61 Liar Always Lie

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"What?" Jessica's face changed slightly. She shook her head with hesitation and blurted it out by accident.

Mrs. Gu frowned and reached out her hand to Lola, "Tell me, what's going on?"

"Grandma, I've just searched online about what Jessica said. The scandal she said was that she had a meal with the supervisor of my new play and behaved intimately. It was disclosed that she wanted to steal my leading role. Just because of this, you thought I was the teller? Didn't you tell me that my opponent was Molly? If I were the kind of person you just said, then I should have done something to Molly, shouldn't I? "

"Because you know I..." Jessica couldn't continue. She had planned to slander Lola and Ryan, but she didn't go on because something happened. She didn't expect that she got the news of Lola being the leading actress in MY Group. After knowing that, she rushed to ask the Supervisor Du about it. However, Supervisor Du said that it was not finally decided yet, which made her even more confused.

In the evening, when Jessica saw the news on the Internet, she was not stupid. She immediately found out that it was Lola who did it. She came to the Gu Family to blame without hesitation.

However, Lola was so unreasonable that she almost said that she also wanted to play the role. In order to play that role, she tried to frame up the story between Lola and Ryan.

She couldn't be fooled.

Jessica came back to her senses and said, "You don't like me because I'm helping Molly compete with you. So you going to vent your anger on me, right?"

Lola shrugged helplessly. "If you defend yourself like this, I have nothing to say."


"I think it must be your fault. Since Jessica has become the best actress, how can you compare with her? You must be jealous of her and set her up! You are so vicious at such a young age! " Catherine walked up to Jessica and holding her in the arms, but glared at Lola.

"It haven't been figured out what's going on with the kids. Why are you standing in the line already? Don't forget that Louisa is your daughter!" Mrs. Gu snapped.

Catherine sneered, "I don't have su

he held the hand of Lola and said, "Louisa, be lenient wherever you go. Don't go too far to others."

Hearing that, Lola's heart skipped a beat. She pouted and said, "Nothing can be hided from Grandma."

Mrs. Gu pinched her nose and sighed, "What do you think? Do you still want to lie to me? Tell me, how did Jessica offend you? "

"Grandma, how did you know that? Did I give myself away?"

"It's not that you gave yourself away, but I knew when you were lying, you always pursed your lips and moved fingers..."

Lola blushed with shyness. Did she really have these habits? Why didn't she notice?

Jacob snorted, "Liars always lie."

Lola glared at her and was about to explain, but stopped. Jacob also regained his smile. "Grandma, don't ask. I guess someone is jealous."

"Oh? Jealous? " Mrs. Gu's eyes lit up as if she had thought of something. She asked in surprise, "Is she jealous because of you?"

"No, I'm not jealous!" Lola retorted excitedly, "How could I do that childish behavior? I just gave her a dose of her own medicine. She wanted to frame me up, and I wanted to protect myself. "

All of a sudden, she looked at her grandmother with a very serious expression and said seriously, "Grandma, if others treat me well, I will be twice good to them. And if others want to hurt me, I will pay them back in three times! It's just a small punishment for her as being a relative of the Gu Family. "

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