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   Chapter 59 Slip Of Tongue Again

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"As long as you don't obstruct me behind my back, this play is mine," said Lola coldly, glaring at Barry.

"I... How dare I make trouble for Miss Lola?" Barry was a coward. Obviously, Lola had a strong aura, but he didn't know who was stronger between Lola and Jacob.

"Then what about Jessica? Just because she is related to the Gu family, you indulge her like this? "

Barry thought to himself, 'I indulged you too. Why didn't you say anything about that?

He was the best man of Jacob. Of course he would think about the Gu family.'

"You have to believe that I am not a person who will bend the law for personal interests." With a serious look on Barry face, he insisted on his own principles and asked, "So, they haven't decided at all, have they?"

Lola didn't answer him at all. Instead, she turned around and whispered something to Flora.

When Barry was about to get close and listen, Flora nodded and left. Lola turned around and stopped him. "Even if they haven't decided, I am sure about it. If others want to compete with me, I'm not afraid. Give them a dose of their own medicine, and you have to pay back what they deserve. "

"What do you mean?"

"You don't have to understand. I'd like to ask you, what's wrong with Jacob? He hasn't been back for two days. Is he so busy in the company? "

Seeing that Lola began to care about Jacob, Barry shook his head with a smile and said, "If you care so much, go ask him yourself."

"I didn't say I care. It's Grandma. She kept asking me to look for him in the company. I won't go. " With a guilty conscience, Lola turned her head and sighed.

Of course, Barry knows Jacob's schedule best. He was the part-time boss of the MY Group but the full-time job of the assistant of Jacob.

"Tell you something. Don't misunderstand BOSS. He didn't touch the two young models..."

"Who will believe it? He must be very happy now. " As she spoke, she pinched her fingers which were already red.

With a snicker, Barry coughed and said, "He went back to his villa that night. He was busy taking over

have sex with others. "

Barry shut up in surprise and patted his mouth remorsefully. 'Damn it! I've said everything!' he thought.

'How could BOSS surprise her then?'

He would be a dead body once Jacob knew.

Squinting her eyes, Lola pondered over what Barry said and knew everything in a few words.

She knew clearly that Danny was a scum, but she didn't expect him to be so cruel and force women to engage in prostitution!

How could let such a person go!

But normally, it was unnecessary for Jacob to do it in person, it could be handled by Barry only. But he had went there anyway.

In fact, no one knew why he dodged her.

She knew that she couldn't get more information from Barry, so she turned around and walked away.

Looking at her back, Barry howled, "Just let me go. Don't tell the BOSS that I said it."

With her back to him, Lola said, "It depends on your performance in the future."

Sitting still in his chair, Barry thought that he was doomed this time. In order to cover up Lola's mouth, he might have to continue to be a "traitor".

Lola walked out of the MY Group. Then she received a call from Flora. "You are right. Jessica really went to Supervisor Du. I've told a paparazzi about it. They'll get the photos soon. "

"Okay, then expose it as soon as possible. Make sure to let the comments on internet drown Jessica tonight."

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