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   Chapter 52 Punish Flora

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The expression on his face instantly sank, and even he himself did not realize that his eyes had become gloomy and terrible.

The shop assistant was a little stunned and shrank. "What else can I do for you? You and that lady? "

The man looked terrible and said slowly, "Ex-husband."

The shop assistant was stunned and looked at the man in confusion.

Jacob left quickly and went back to the car, but he couldn't come to his senses for a long time.

'Damn it! Why is she so afraid of being pregnant?

Grandma had already made it clear to them to give birth to the baby as soon as possible, but she avoided it like a snake or a scorpion, fearing of getting involved with him?

Obviously, at this time, Jacob did not know why he was angry, nor did he realize that they should have been like this.

When he rushed back to the company with a gloomy face, everyone was waiting for him.

Mrs. Gu announced in public that Jacob would be the heir of the Gu consortium and she would officially retire.

However, even if he had good performance in the foreign branch in the past two years, there were still many senior executives who were unconvinced and dared not speak in front of him, but made many small moves behind him.

The Gu consortium was divided into the grandson party and the uncle party.

At this moment, Jacob was not in the mood to do anything. All he thought about was that woman.

Abandoned woman.

When Lola was choosing a gift, she kept sneezing and even lost her countenance. Even Jane, who was beside her, couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Sneezing means someone is thinking about you."

"Who else would think of me except you? Don't interrupt. Help me think about what gift I should give to Celia? "

Jane was also taken here by Lola temporarily, because in this big city, she was the only friend that Lola could rely on.

"Not long ago, I interviewed Celia. Recently, she likes jewelry of a brand very much. Let's go. I'll take you to buy it."

Soon, the two of them selected the gift. Lola even bought a matched one for Jane

Lola called him. Jacob was in a meeting, so he hung up the phone and turned it off soon.

Damn it! He must have done it on purpose!

She had turned off her phone in Danny's car at that time. Was she taken her own medicine now?

"Don't worry. I'll call Barry and ask him. He must know."

Jane took the phone and walked out. Lola hugged Lily and said softly, "It's me. I'm sorry to hurt you. "

She had thought that it was settled, but she didn't expect that Jacob seemed to have caught her weakness and chased after her.

Lily shook her head, "Lola, you are also a victim. Flora is fine now. She has come back. I called her once and she didn't allow me to tell you about it. Don't tell Mr. Jacob... "

"Flora didn't answer my phone. In that case, I will go to see her in person later. I haven't heard what you said. Just pretend that you don't know. I'm here to visit you today. Just have a good rest and wait for my news. "

Lily nodded heavily. Looking at the determined face of Lola, she felt that she was full of motivation in an instant.

At this moment, Jane came in and took Lola away. "Lily, have a rest. We'll come to see you another day."

As soon as they went out, Lola saw that the expression on Jane's face was not good. Lola grabbed her hand and asked, "what happened?"

"Let's go to the hospital first. We'll talk about other things in the car."

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