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   Chapter 51 As If Struck By Lightning

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Jacob knew what she meant, so he snorted, "You put it in front of me so I just looked, but I didn't expect to see such ambiguous words. No one would believe you are not in the relationship with him. I'd like to know if your so-called relationship with Ryan is fake. "

Although the two people knew clearly that Ryan was just an excuse but still Lola was unwilling to admit it at this time.

And Jacob was not sure what she was thinking now.

In the past, he turned a blind eye to her love for him.

Now, it was time to look into her heart. How ridiculous it was.

"Do you want to know? But I won't tell you. " She smiled, her eyes shining like stars.

He snorted and turned his head with disdain. "You just diffident."

"Anyway, I'm single now. It's none of your business, Mr. Jacob." She raised her eyebrows and went into the bathroom.

Jacob's face darkened. He looked at the phone on the bed, which was still on. Thinking of what Jessica had just said, he couldn't help but walk close to the bed.

His body froze. No, he had to restrain his impulse to check her phone.

He walked to the bathroom unnaturally and heard the sound of pushing the door open, Lola walked out vigilantly and immediately picked up her phone. Squinting at him, she said, "It's too unsafe. I don't like to be peeked into my privacy."

"Don't worry. I disdain it."

"That's good."

Seeing that she turned around and was about to enter the bathroom with her phone, he whispered, "Bad habit."

"I just want to have phone calls while showering."

Her eccentricity was really strange.

But when he thought of how she was now holding her phone and talking to Mr. D or Ryan, his face darkened.

After a while, he heard someone talking inside, so he knocked on the door impatiently. "Hey, it's been a long time. Come out, I want to use it!"

The people inside didn't seem to hear it at all.

He angrily pushed the door and found it was locked. He gritted his teeth and found the key to open it.

The dense mist in the bathroom made people's sight blur

two years ago.

"No need, I will buy the gift for my friend by using my own card. I earned my money. " Then she raised her eyebrows, holding her wallet.

Without noticing the expected reaction, Jacob's face froze. He withdrew his hand with the card awkwardly and made Grandma a scapegoat. "This is given to you by grandma. It is good if you don't take it."

Lola didn't want to be late. She got out of the car, waved goodbye to him and entered the shopping mall.

Looking at her back, Jacob sighed, 'What a troublesome woman!'

The moment he lowered his head, he saw her phone. He frowned slightly, got out of the car and looked in the direction she left.

After entering the shopping mall, Lola suddenly thought of something. She was shocked and turned around with a pale face, heading in another direction.

'What is she doing?' Jacob wondered as he followed with Lola.

Why did she run so fast? It seemed that she was in a panic.

He narrowed his eyes and followed her. She found a pharmacy, said something to the shop assistant, bought the medicine, and left in a daze.

Somehow, he rushed forward and asked the shop assistant, "What did that lady buy just now?"

The shop assistant saw the man so handsome, she couldn't help but tell him frankly, "She bought the plan-B pills."

For a moment, the man froze as if he was struck by lightning.

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