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   Chapter 50 What A Pleasure To Help Others

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Jacob frowned and felt the smell was a little choking. He pulled out his arm and looked at her coldly. "What do you want to say? Say it here."

Jessica's face darkened, and the light in her eyes disappeared in an instant. She was a little frustrated, but she recovered her fighting power in an instant. "It's a little cold here. Let's go to my room and finish it soon."

She moved closer to him on purpose, but his hands held her shoulders to keep a distance.

"Are you okay, Jessica? I'm going back to my room."

"Don't, Jacob!" She held his hand tightly and her eyes were shining. "Don't you really give me a chance to talk to you? There are so many people in the daytime. It is not good to talk with you in person. But you and I have been playing together since childhood. We haven't seen each other for a long time, and we have a lot to talk about, don't we? You don't know, since the day you went abroad, I have been... "

Jacob frowned and coughed, "You played with me since childhood? Jessica, you are older than Fiona, but also my sister. I don't know what's the matter with you, but I have to tell you that it's late at night. I'm going back to my room to accompany my wife. "

Then he bypassed Jessica, went up a few steps and turned back to his bedroom.

Jessica's face turned pale. A gust of wind came from the window. She shivered and held herself tightly.

She didn't believe that Jacob really didn't have any feelings for her. Back then, he liked her and was always kind to her. But he didn't have a good face to Lola, which made her more convinced that Lola couldn't be with him.

But now, how could it change.

What happened? What had happened to Jacob in the past two years when he was abroad that made his attitude towards Lola changed entirely different?

His wife?

Jessica clenched her fingers hard. She couldn't believe what he said.

She walked up the steps and found that Jacob was still standing outside.

She hid aside and watched quietly.

With a dark face, Jacob knocked on th

n smiled bitterly. "In your eyes, I'm such an easy man."

All of a sudden, Lola stood up and said in surprise, "If you are not, why did you do that all of a sudden last night? How could you do that to me two years ago? You don't love me but still want to have sex with her? If you not an easy man, then what is it? "

Irritated by her words, Jacob stepped forward and stared at her arrogantly. "Two years ago, we were legally married, I have the right to had sex with you! And last night, I was just happy to help you! "

"What a great help! What a good name!" She bit her lips, and gradually there was blood streak.

The atmosphere became tense.

The two looked at each other in the air, and sparks flew in all directions like lightning and thunder.

"Who do you think you are? Are you wanton? "

"Jacob, who are you talking about? You mean yourself? "

He sneered and said word by word, "Who is Mr. D?"

Her eyes flashed and she swallowed. "You said Who? "

"You said you loved me but your new boyfriend is Ryan. And now you are intimately with a man whose name is D? Don't tell me that Mr. D is Ryan. I don't believe it! "

Then he shook her off.

She fell down on the sofa and was somewhat stunned by Mr. D he mentioned. He should have seen her phone.

"Mr. Jacob, don't be a peeper." She sat up straight and glared at him.

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