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   Chapter 42 Danger Approaching

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"Are you Lily? Where is Lola? Where are you?" Jacob asked angrily.

After a dozen seconds of silence, the voice came out.

"It is the way to the Landscape Villa, right? Is Mr. Danny coming here to talk about the script? I saw the car in front of us stopped just now. What happened to Lola? "

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Watch your mouth!"

"What on earth do you want to do? You even separated us. I'm going to find Lola. "

"It's not up to you when you get to the Landscape Villa. Humph, sit tight. Don't let us do it! "

Jacob called Lola's assistant, Lily. It took her a long time to answer the phone. She didn't say a word, but such a conversation came out.

Lola said she was going to talk about work, but she just turned off the phone. Then she just turned it on for a second and then turned off again when Jacob called.

And the meaning of the conversation just now was probably dangerous for Lola!

Hearing that Jacob walked out of the office in a hurry, Barry leaned over and smiled ambiguously. "I've got the first-hand information about the direct shooting of the performance. I've just sent it to you. You can enjoy it slowly..."

"Barry, gather your men to the Landscape Villa right now."

The deep and fast voice seemed to come from hell.

Looking at his fierce and ferocious expression, Barry couldn't help shivering. "What's wrong?"

"Cut the crap. Get in the car first!"

Then, Jacob left in a hurry. The two got on the car in a hurry. Barry then knew what had happened.

"What the hell did you get for her, Barry?"

"Producer Danny? I'm really wronged, big BOSS! I don't know what kind of job Flora has arranged. Wait a minute. I'll check who is Danny Lv right away. "

"If she is missing a hair, you will take the blame, resign and commit suicide!" The man looked ahead ruthlessly and said angrily, "drive faster, you snail!"

Barry knew that his BOSS was really angry, s

will kill myself! "

She didn't believe that he is not afraid of her death.

"Do you want to play this trick with me? Many women thought that they could frighten me in this way. I'm tired of watching them. Don't pretend to be a chaste woman." Danny grabbed her hands, approached her face and raised his eyebrows." In the end, they all caved to me. You know what? The more you resist The more excited I am, the happier you will be... "

"Damn it! Bastard! " She tried her best to struggle, but Danny was a fat pig, and she was getting weaker and weaker.

"Danny, I'm from the Gu Family. Aren't you afraid of the Gu Family if you dare to hurt me?" She had no choice but to use the reputation of the Gu family to avoid this disaster.

Hearing this, Danny looked at her in deep eyes and shook his head. "Do you think I'm easy to fool? There is no such a person as you in the Gu Family. You are just a star? What does it have to do with the Gu Family? "

"I'm telling the truth! If you don't believe me, you can check it out... "

Danny laughed, "You just want to buy time. Don't be so naive. Even if you are a member of the Gu Family, with the video in hand, I want you to take my surname! "

As he spoke, his big hand moved forward and tore the clothes on her chest hard.

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